Todd Lubar’s Take on Baltimore’s Real Estate Industry

These days Baltimore, Maryland has been in the national news for the most part, for all the wrong reasons. But if you look harder enough you will realize that you might have been missing out on the real story which is the thriving real estate opportunities in the area.

One of the most visible developments is the renovation of old buildings and historic landmarks into chic apartment buildings. For instance, Under Armour has converted the ground level at 10 Light Street into a huge gymnasium and training center. Some of the most elegant and expensive apartments in the have been built on the once historic Bank of America.

Baltimore’s cheaper cost of living as compared to Washington, D. C. has really made it attractive to the young adults who in most cases are either recent graduates and or young professionals looking to buy their first home and begin their first career after college. Reducing unemployment rates and increasing wages across professions will go a long way in boosting the purchasing power of these young adults.

Baltimore is also home to several start-up companies at it provides one of the friendliest environments for success. As a result, this has gone a long way in increasing the demand for full-service housing communities on the edge of commercial areas. New restaurants, shops, and other social amenities continue their search for prime real estate in this area with the young adults as their prime target market.

Who is Todd Lubar?

For several years now, Todd Lubar has been and will always be one of the most valuable experts on matters real estate and more so around the Baltimore, Maryland area. This is because of the vast experience he has been able to amass over the several years of service in the real estate, finance and credit sectors.

Todd Lubar is the current President at TDL Global Ventures, LLC and Senior Vice President of Legendary Investments with over 20 years’ experience in the real estate industry. For several years, Lubar has been ranked as one of the top 25 mortgage originators in the United States. Follow his Twitter page

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