Neurocore Depression Treatment

Depression is often overlooked as being a minor condition and not treated like an illness which needs attention. It is very common with 6.7 percent of adults suffering from it each year. It can happen to anyone, regardless of age or gender. Most people who suffer from depression do not get a treatment for it, because of the associations created around depression. They believe that it is something that can be shrugged off and forgotten when it can actually be treated successfully.

Many factors can cause depression, like a stressful event, sudden change, or financial problems. There is short-term depression, persistent depression which lasts for a long time, but without major symptoms, postpartum depression after childbirth, and seasonal depression due to a lack of sunshine in the colder months. Sometimes the signs are not so obvious and can be masked as other conditions like constant fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and weight alterations. There can be physical symptoms of depression, like headaches, stomach pains and lack of breath. The brain also changes under depression.

Depression is one of the leading causes of suicide. It intrudes into people’s daily lives and makes them unproductive. The annual cost of depression due to lost production and health care is $80,000,000,000 per year.

The earlier the treatment, the faster the results. Depression is usually treated with medication and therapy. For those who want to try a drug-free and non-invasive treatment, neurofeedback is a great therapy.

Neurofeedback is a technology which monitors the brainwave frequencies and provides feedback. Its goal is to train the brainwaves to work in an optimal range of frequencies. By monitoring reactions unwanted symptoms can be removed and desired areas can be improved, like focus and attention.

Neurocore feedback program uses auditory and visual feedback in the form of a movie to train the brain. When the brainwaves are out of balance, the movie stops and when they return back to normal the movie begins again, thus reinforcing the desired state of functioning of the brain.

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