Retirement Advice From Financial Advisor David Giertz

Making a retirement plan is something most know they need to do but few actually plan for it, this may be due to the fact that most people do not understand the usefulness of a retirement plan. David Giertz a financial consultant stated that it is important to make retirement plans early so as to avoid the chances of failing in the future.

David L. Giertz is a financial consultant who works with Nationwide Investment Service Corporation that is located in Dublin in the state of Ohio. He has about Thirty-one-years of practice in the business since the third of April two thousand and thirteen David has worked for this company as the Vice-President then later as the President. Additionally, he has worked for various companies countrywide as Senior Vice-President, President as well as Director. David has also had experience with sales when he was the sales Vice-President at Nationwide Financial Services, Inc. and before that in two thousand and nine to two thousand and thirteen, he was the Vice-President of sales at FI/WH.

In addition, Mr. David is also a broker registered with FINRA, a broker is essentially a sales person working with a bigger brokerage company and his work is to buy as well as sell stocks, mutual funds, bonds and other various products that are used while investing. The company is required to be on the FINRA, they are also be involved in transacting these investments for the client as a broker or a dealer if the account belongs to the firm. David Giertz gave an interview where he gave advice to retirees and future retirees on how to have a stable financial retirement, and with his vast knowledge, his advice should be taken into consideration.

David gave a few key mistakes that retired or people looking to retire make or failed to understand about their social security. He said that taking an early retirement would mean getting your retirement with a 25% deduction of what you would get by waiting for the full retirement age. Giertz stated that people with financial advisors were more likely to live a good retirement life and further advised that when looking for an advisor choose one who talked to you about your social security and what to expect during retirement.