Neurocore: Battling Depression through Therapies

Neurocore is a business dedicated on providing their patients with brain therapy so that they can live healthier and happier lives. According to Neurocore, most of their patients are facing issues with depression, and as most people know, depression can lead to death – either by suicide or by complications resulting from disease causing stress. It is considered as a mental illness, and tens of millions of people are affected by depression in the United States alone. Neurocore is wishing to treat patients who are suffering from depression through the use of their latest technology. They also wanted the public to gain more information about depression, because there are so many misconceptions about the illness. According to Neurocore, there are eight facts that would somehow change the way people look at depression.

According to them, it can develop genetically or spontaneously. Contrary to what many people believe, depression can develop without outside factors. But still, people who experienced trauma and stress from tragic real life events have more chances of developing depression. Neurocore added that there are different types of depression, and that depression is not a single disorder, but it is actually categorized into four types. First is the major depressive disorder, which causes the patient to have low self-esteem and inescapable sadness for several days. Next is the persistent depressive disorder, which is more severe and lasts for years. Then, there is the postpartum depression, which results from childbirth. Finally, there is the seasonal affective disorder, which causes depression during winter. Other facts surrounding depression is that the signs and symptoms are not always present; that it causes physical harm to the body; it causes young people to commit suicide, making it the second leading cause of death among the youth; depression causes disabilities for teenagers and young adults; the funding for research is low; and that all cases of depression can be treated.

Neurocore offers the neurofeedback treatment for people who are suffering from depression. All they have to do is to schedule an assessment either through their website or by contacting their office, and the staff will be ready to set up an appointment.