Goettl has some vital tips to extending the life of your HVAC unit

Goettl Tells All: Even Though you live in NorCal, I bet you didn’t know this trick about your HVAC system..

Tired of dumping your hard earned money down the drain with your energy bill each month? Do you run the air conditioning constantly on high, but are still sweating buckets of sweat? Following these simple but effective tricks by the experts at Goettl will keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter without breaking the bank. The first trick is not what you’d expect. It’s to turn up the temperature above 78 degree. With every degree that it goes below 78, there is an eight percent increase in energy use. Who would have known? Keep your thermostat and HVAC away from direct sunlight. That creates heat and it will take them more energy to cool down. Another tip comes with little help from an AZ Central professional. Have your unit tuned up. They can check if your unit is running smoothly, check for leaks, etc. This can prevent future problems from happening, and those problems cost money. They next trick is to apply window film, to keep the sunlight out. Using radiant barriers in the attic keeps cool air in and hot air out. You should also change your air filters every one to three months to optimize your unit. That way it doesn’t get clogged up and restrict air flow from happening.

Keeping families happy since 1939, Goettl strives for excellence with every job they do. Working with the harsher climate of the Southwestern part of the United States is their specialty, so you know they’re good.

At one point this award winning company had over 100 patents on the market. With their innovative technology and hard working family spirit, then have won over the hearts of their loyal customers. More energy saving tips can be found on thebrotalk.com.