Cassio Audi-The Brazilian Rock God

If there is someone who is a true blue Brazilian rock god, it has to be the drummer of the rock group Viper, Cassio Audi. They made music in the 1980s and 90s and became rock icons to their millions of frenzied Brazilian fans. Audi still has a very passionate and fan following in Brazil.

As a matter of fact, Audi was responsible for providing Brazilian heavy metal rock music with a global identity. Audi and his group Viper embarked upon their remarkable musical journey with the launch of two demos that drew inspiration from British heavy metal bands of the 1980s and the 1990s. This was followed up by the iconic Soldiers of Sunrise which established the reputation of the group and particularly Audi as the heavy metal heavyweights of Brazil.

Cassio may have stopped playing actively, but he most certainly is a member of the hall of fame of the heavy metal world globally and of course in Brazil. If you were to see him in one of the old videos of him performing, you would be transported to another era when heavy metal reigned supreme. The Viper demos Projeto SP Metal and The Killer Sword came out in 1985, while the iconic album Soldiers of Sunrise came out in 1987.

Even today, if there ever is talk of Brazilian heavy metal the first name to come to mind is Cassio Audi. His drumming which mesmerized a whole generation of Brazilians is still talked about in almost hushed tones. The kind of respect that Audi has among rock and roll aficionados, especially of the heavy metal type is phenomenal.

The Brazilian musicians of today may be popular but can never generate the mass hysteria that Audi and his band mates generated in the 1980s and 90s. It was truly a sight to behold.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Joining Hands with Allscripts and Nanthealth to Start Clinical Pathways

CTCA as a team with NantHealth and Allscripts is actualizing a custom specialized arrangement that, for the initial time, empowers eviti – a NantHealth Clinical choice help provision, and access to clinical work processes in the Allscripts Sunrise EHR (Electronic Well-being Record. With the consistent coordination of this clinical option support arrangement, the Clinical Pathways program advises the cancer treatment progress, without intruding on the doctor’s clinical work process. The immediate interface of the clinical working framework (NantOS) was worked with the contribution of several oncologists across the country and holds a far-reaching gathering of new cancer information.

Clinical Pathways builds higher transparency around care delivery and therapeutic selection. Furthermore, it enhances quality and effectiveness by decreasing inconstancy in mind. By using the integrated platform, clinical teams and patients can compare and discuss treatment regimens, hence giving more confidence to patients. Clinical Pathways can likewise assist the approval of insurance coverage through the provision of the vital information.

CTCA (Cancer Treatment Centers of America Global, Inc) is a national network based in Boca Raton, Fla. The system is composed of five healing facilities that serve grown-up patients who are battling cancer. CTCA provides an integrative way of care that brings together chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation, surgery, precision cancer treatment, and advancements in genomic testing. The system entails proof-informed supportive therapies that are designed to assist patients both emotionally and physically through improving their life quality while dealing with side-effects during and after treatment.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Global provides services to cancer patients around the world where its healing centers are situated in different locations including Atlanta, Chicago, Tulsa, Philadelphia, and Phoenix. CTCA is rated as among the top US hospitals that provide the highest care, treatment, and patient experience. Additionally, the center provides comprehensive information which is associated with treatment alternatives and motivates active participation of patients together with their families in treatment decisions.

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Greg Secker and His Journey to Success

Greg Secker is an English multi-billionaire entrepreneur, who has gained a lot of respect in the finance industry. He is a huge success, perhaps due to his philosophy of ‘why not’ instead of ‘why’. He believes that it is possible to make money anywhere, at any time and doing anything. Currently, he is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of a number of companies including Learn to Trade, The Greg Secker Foundation, FX Trade, Smart Charts, Capital Index, Global Success Summits and STP Forex Brokerage.

Greg Secker attended the University of Nottingham and studied Agricultural and Food Sciences. But, it was in the finance industry that he settled for a career. During an interview with CEOCFO magazine, he said that he got his first job in the finance industry. It all started when he was invited by a guy from Thomas Cook Financial Services, during a fair, to a job interview that he passed. The guy had noted that thy shared an interest in computers, which is something that he had been doing while in college. Therefore, they immediately clicked, leading to the job offer.

Working for Thomas Cook, Secker developed the first online Forex trading floor, the Virtual Trading Desk. It was during this time that he realized his deep passion for Forex trade. Because he had to interact with traders and put their strategies in code that computers could understand, he had no choice than to master the trade. Besides, with coding, you cannot afford to have any discrepancies.

Secker began his own trading floor by borrowing 5000 Euros. He had seen that the Forex Trading business would make a lot of profits. Therefore, he knew that he would make a fortune out of it. And, in less than a year, he had managed to turn the 5,000 into 60,000. When he had made enough, he retired and went into entrepreneurship fully. His journey to success began and there was no looking back. From there, he began teaching the art of forex trading and has never looked back.

The Meaning of Beneful Dog Food Brand

Beneful refers to a brand of various dog food items produced by the Nestle Purina Petcare Company. Some of the dog food products under the Beneful brand include dog treats, dry dog food, and wet dog food. As of the year 2012, Beneful Puppy Food was among the leading dog food brands globally. Since its inception in 2001, Beneful brand has been uniquely different from other dog food bards due to its focus on appearance and nutrition.

According to the official spokesman of Nestle Purina Petcare, the term “Beneful” implies “full of goodness”. Consistent with its meaning, Beneful brand products consists of nutrients that provide dogs with the much-need nourishment. Beneful brand exclusively produces a variety of dog food products such as canned or wet food, dry food and various types of snacks. In 2005, the company introduced a new product line called Beneful Healthy Harvest. This is a dry dog food that consists of soy as the key source of protein rather than meat as is in other products. The company also has another product line called Beneful Prepared Meals. This product line comes in eight different flavors, and its innovative packaging can be used as a dog food bowl. Overall, Beneful dog food items are both flavorful and nutritious.

Looking For Innovative Investments, Agora Financial Can Help?

Are you new to the investment world or are you looking for a new place to make money? Agora Financial Publications are just the knowledge you need to help you make money. Although using all the good knowledge that any good wealth growing company has, Agora Financial has other advantages that the same old companies just don’t. Look at how Agora Financial can help grow your wealth for the future.

Agora Travels

Agora representatives travel and speak directly with industry start-ups that are growing and expanding for extended future success. Agora is looking for the next best thing so Agora can help you make money on businesses before they expand to the mainstream. The Agora team works tirelessly to find all the latest investment information so you can feel safe when it comes to making money with your money.

Low Risk

Every investment has risk, but with the team of experts on Agora’s decision-making team, you know you are well represented. a geologists, an expert bond buyer, a self-made billionaire, and many more specific authorities in helpful wealth building areas.

Agora Has Been Around

Agora has delivered thousands of publications to the public helping anyone who wants wise information on investments. When you are looking for someone to help you with your investments, Agora is the place for you.

Don’t Just Put Your Money In A Mattress

It is not enough to just save your money in a savings account. the cost of living goes up every day. With the information the Agora Publications provides, you can feel confident in putting your money into a business or product that the world needs and will continue to need. This always equals wealth for the investors.

Take A Look

You do not have to put any money at risk right now, all you have to do is take a look at these well-researched publications for you. The information you will get is priceless yet potentially worth thousands for you. Take a look today at Agora Financial.

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Bringing Fugitives to Justice with Securus Technologies

When there is a very dangerous fugitive on the loose in a community, my team of fugitive task force hunters arrive to the location and begin putting the pieces together of this very complicated puzzle. Each hour that passes with this suspect on the streets is putting an entire community in harm’s way. To locate and arrest these suspects, we have come to rely on a few sources that help make the job of my team that much easier.


We used to rely on informants to help close the gap to our suspects, but many of these folks have stopped coming forward because of the violent nature of these fugitives. When a suspect has a history of violence, then these informants fear for their own lives as well as the lives of their family too. So if that is the case, we simply slip into the shadows and collect evidence in a way that no one can see us.


This usually involves a trip to the local prison, especially if they have partnered with Securus Technologies and have the modernized inmate call monitoring system working. These phone call monitoring systems pick up specific chatter from the inmates and alert authorities of the information. In this case, if you plugged in information about our suspect into the LBS software, we will get an alert if there is any chatter about his whereabouts.


Didn’t take more than a day to get the alert this time that our fugitive was hiding with the relatives of an inmate from the jail. As a personal favor, he was housing the fugitive because he knew no one would connect those dots. Unfortunately for the suspect, the Securus Technologies call system did uncover the chatter and put us on that lead quickly enough to get the suspect off the streets.

How Does Flavio Maluf Manage Eucatex?

Flavio Maluf is one of the finest executives in the building materials industry, and his family company at Eucatex has done an incredible job to ensure that people of Brazil have the materials that his family company makes. This article explains how the company has improved over the years, and it takes a look at the way the company is providing for large building projects and home improvement. Flavio is qualified more than any other, and he is a strong leader who value the input of others.


#1: Flavio’s Education


Flavio went to university for engineering, and he left school to work in the banking field. He has been trained in how to manage a large business, and he knows the ins and out of the industry that other people do not know. He works quite hard to ensure that all the people in his company are on the right path as he has worked in every division. He recently took over as CEO after working in each part of the company while helping others.


#2: His Environmental Concerns


The concerns that people have about the environment have been covered by Flavio and his staff at Eucatex. They have started a new educational program that helps kids in Brazilian schools learn how to manage the earth around them. These kids are trained about how they impact the environment, and they are taught that a company like Eucatex may improve their production.


#3: His Financial Savvy


The financial savvy that is demonstrated by Flavio and his staff is an important part of the way the company is run. The company is set up to save as much money as possible, and the company uses its resources as well as possible. Flavio is careful with the company’s money, and the company reduces waste while it increases production.


Eucatex is one of the strongest materials companies in the world, and they have helped with growth of Brazil. The country is growing quite a lot, and Eucatex has been a large part of the country’s growth, building new structures and helping the middle class do home improvements.

Igor Cornelsen: Who is he?

Successful financial consultant and Brazilian businessman, Igor Cornelsen, has been retired since 2010, but throughout his decades long successful career he acquired highly coveted knowledge.


Igor has expertise in making long term intelligent investments regardless of stock market volatility. His knowledge has already helped many and continues to help individuals make the most informed financial decisions.


After retiring from the Brazilian financial industry, Igor Cornelsen partnered up with Bainbridge Investment Inc. Igor has a clear, deep love for investing strategies and consulting. Even in his retirement, he keeps sharing advice with the public.


Prior to committing to Bainbridge, Igor worked closely with many of the massive Brazilian banks, while holding high-ranking official positions within them.


Regardless of Brazil’s very strict legislative policies on financial investing, Cornelsen continued to succeed while still playing by the official rules. He also played an active part as a driving force for the Brazilian economy by helping initiate certain fiscal policies during the time he actively worked in the banking sector.


During the 2008 global market crash, Cornelsen coached his clients and investment partners successfully through the financial storm. He guided them well with his very professional and compliant knowledge to help them maintain many investments while multitudes of others in the world fell to nothingness.


In today’s world, Cornelsen still provides effective advice to the public. He now spends much of his time in South Florida. He is a business and financial champion, but when he takes a break, you may find him putting on the green.


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