The Success Andrew Rolfe’s with the Ubuntu Education Funds

Sineshipo Rabidyani was one of the special guest to present her speech during the Ubuntu Education Fun charity gala in London. Her speech easily intrigued the crowd. Sineshipo spoke of her childhood with her abusive and alcoholic father, giving her a troubled and unpeaceful life in her home. She continued her speech in thanking the Ubuntu Fund in helping her with getting a scholarship and becoming an Ubuntu Fund Scholar. With so much negativity that has happened in her home, Sineshipo also received psychological support from her school along with additional mentoring support.

The Ubuntu Education Funds has also helped Sineshipo to be successfully admitted into Law School, allowing her to persuade her mother to leave her abusive father to a safer environment. Sineshipo’s powerful story has greatly encouraged the generosity of the donors attending the gala during the auction. Jacob Lief, the founder and CEO of the Ubuntu Education Fund explained the great disadvantaged given to African kids after 20 years of observing them. The children in South Africa lacked in everything that was needed to survive, especially healthcare, food, and education.

Lief created a partnership with Andrew Rolfe to aid in his goal in helping as many children and families. The Ubuntu Fund has been successfully providing aid in giving young children early childhood support with quality educational programs, health care and psychological support. Ubuntu Funds also provide vocational training when the aided children have grown into their adolescent years to help them succeed financially as adults in the future.

The Ubuntu Education Funds has many impressive achievements, especially with their outstanding accomplishment in the reduction of HIV Transmission. Reports showed that 100 percent of HIV-positive mothers has successfully given birth to babies that have been tested for negative for the virus. The Ubuntu Education Funds has successfully helped ninety-percent of their scholars to enrol into universities, followed by 100 percent of its toddlers to be prepared for the start of their primary education.

With the help of Ubuntu’s Funds, it maintains to be a sustainable organisation, leading them to help many more needing children and families.