Cancer Treatment Centers of America Joining Hands with Allscripts and Nanthealth to Start Clinical Pathways

CTCA as a team with NantHealth and Allscripts is actualizing a custom specialized arrangement that, for the initial time, empowers eviti – a NantHealth Clinical choice help provision, and access to clinical work processes in the Allscripts Sunrise EHR (Electronic Well-being Record. With the consistent coordination of this clinical option support arrangement, the Clinical Pathways program advises the cancer treatment progress, without intruding on the doctor’s clinical work process. The immediate interface of the clinical working framework (NantOS) was worked with the contribution of several oncologists across the country and holds a far-reaching gathering of new cancer information.

Clinical Pathways builds higher transparency around care delivery and therapeutic selection. Furthermore, it enhances quality and effectiveness by decreasing inconstancy in mind. By using the integrated platform, clinical teams and patients can compare and discuss treatment regimens, hence giving more confidence to patients. Clinical Pathways can likewise assist the approval of insurance coverage through the provision of the vital information.

CTCA (Cancer Treatment Centers of America Global, Inc) is a national network based in Boca Raton, Fla. The system is composed of five healing facilities that serve grown-up patients who are battling cancer. CTCA provides an integrative way of care that brings together chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation, surgery, precision cancer treatment, and advancements in genomic testing. The system entails proof-informed supportive therapies that are designed to assist patients both emotionally and physically through improving their life quality while dealing with side-effects during and after treatment.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Global provides services to cancer patients around the world where its healing centers are situated in different locations including Atlanta, Chicago, Tulsa, Philadelphia, and Phoenix. CTCA is rated as among the top US hospitals that provide the highest care, treatment, and patient experience. Additionally, the center provides comprehensive information which is associated with treatment alternatives and motivates active participation of patients together with their families in treatment decisions.

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