Igor Cornelsen: Who is he?

Successful financial consultant and Brazilian businessman, Igor Cornelsen, has been retired since 2010, but throughout his decades long successful career he acquired highly coveted knowledge.


Igor has expertise in making long term intelligent investments regardless of stock market volatility. His knowledge has already helped many and continues to help individuals make the most informed financial decisions.


After retiring from the Brazilian financial industry, Igor Cornelsen partnered up with Bainbridge Investment Inc. Igor has a clear, deep love for investing strategies and consulting. Even in his retirement, he keeps sharing advice with the public.


Prior to committing to Bainbridge, Igor worked closely with many of the massive Brazilian banks, while holding high-ranking official positions within them.


Regardless of Brazil’s very strict legislative policies on financial investing, Cornelsen continued to succeed while still playing by the official rules. He also played an active part as a driving force for the Brazilian economy by helping initiate certain fiscal policies during the time he actively worked in the banking sector.


During the 2008 global market crash, Cornelsen coached his clients and investment partners successfully through the financial storm. He guided them well with his very professional and compliant knowledge to help them maintain many investments while multitudes of others in the world fell to nothingness.


In today’s world, Cornelsen still provides effective advice to the public. He now spends much of his time in South Florida. He is a business and financial champion, but when he takes a break, you may find him putting on the green.


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