Up-Close With Jennifer Walden As She Sets the Bar High for Academic and Professional Excellence

Jennifer Walden is widely considered to be one of the leading cosmetic surgeons in the U.S. Her unrivaled expertise and insightful leadership have enabled her to overcome various odds on her quest to professional excellence. Having been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Walden has strived to provide impressive facial surgery and aesthetic breast implants, while also performing rhinoplasty and facial procedures. An unknown fact to most people, Dr. Walden acutely educates her clients on the best procedures to make well-informed decisions for money spent. In essence, she not only wants you to look and feel good but is also committed to providing the highest level of safety and comfort in a non-intimidating environment and learn more about Walden.

A Brief Insight into Her Career

Jennifer Walden credits her exemplary skill set to her residency stay at the University of Texas Medical Branch. While at the hospital, Walden grasped essential medical concepts relevant to her field of study with the aid of the department’s chairman, Dr. Sherrell Aston. Afterward, Walden offered her medical expertise at New York’s Upper East Side for over five years. Her considerable tenure in New York proved crucial to advancement in silicone breast implants study and practice.

As a native Austin resident, Walden deemed it necessary to set up a private practice in Westlake Hills, which was subsequently followed by a satellite office in Marble Falls in 2014 and more information click here.

As a testament to her remarkable career, Dr. Walden was lauded as one of “The Best Plastic Surgeons in America” by a notable publication, the American Way and Walden’s lacrosse camp.

Academic Background

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s educational background is nothing short of remarkable. The famous trailblazer is an alumnus of the University of Texas Medical Branch with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biology as from August 1990 to May 1994. Afterward, she pursued a Master’s degree and subsequently graduated with the Highest Honors in the Class of 1998 and Walden Instagram Photos.

Amicus Therapeutics: Managing Orphan and Rare Diseases in the Society

There are 39 categories of diseases in the world. Out of these diseases, we have the rare and orphan diseases. Orphan and rare disease are generally diseases that affect less than 200,000 people in every country. Companies like Amicus Therapeutics, specialize in advanced therapies to treat rare and orphan diseases. Amicus Therapeutics was founded in 2002 but went public in 2007 (YahooFinance). The company has 201 to 500 employees, with its headquarters being in Cranbury, New Jersey.



The company uses Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy in developing its products. They are the producers of Migalastat, a medicine that treats people with Fabry disease. This company generally concentrates on enzyme replacement therapies development. The success of Amicus Therapeutics has placed it at the forefront of the pharmaceutical industry. It has received recognition in having the biggest portfolio of small molecule pharmacological chaperones.


The orphan diseases Amicus Therapeutics deals with include; Genetic Connective Skin Disorder Epidermolysis Bullosa, Lysosomal Storage Disorders Fabry Disease, and Pompe Disease. Amicus Therapeutics seeks to help the lives of afflicted individuals by providing them with accessible medical care. The company takes great pride in their biologics program ATB200/AT2221.


Patients’ Reviews

A lot of people have benefited from the work Amicus Therapeutics is doing (GoogleFinance). Many of the patients treated for these orphan diseases have testified to how their health improved after embarking on the orphan medicine created by Amicus Therapeutics. The company is able to touch the lives of these people not only through their medicine but also through clinical programs and commercial organization.


The company continues to grow under the management of its CEO John Crowley. Crowley can empathize with a lot of these patients because he has a daughter who suffers from Pompe disease. The company has also expanded by launching Galafold in the European Union. Amicus Therapeutics has also been listed in the ten best companies where investors can buy their stocks.


Amicus Therapeutics has helped save the lives of people with rare diseases, which are barely recognized in the society. Through their continued scientific innovation, they continue to give individuals around the world some hope.


Sheldon Lavin Grows OSI Across the International Stage

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO at the OSI Group Company that produces quality foods that are shipped all around the world. The OSI Group is one of the leading groups that provides retailers around the world with quality food products to sell their consumers, and Lavin leads the OSI Group in that endeavor. Lavin has developed extensive knowledge of the food industry and how it evolves over time since joining the industry as an entrepreneur in 1970 when he was helping finance Otto & Sons which ultimately developed into his giant company that is today known as the OSI Group. Today, the OSI Group operates more than 60 locations in 60 different countries worldwide.

Sheldon Lavin was honored by being given the Global Visionary Award by India’s prestigious Vision World Academy on February 20th, 2016 thanks to the growth of the OSI Group which operates around the world including in India. Lavin also was cited as spending his entire life looking after the welfare of his company and every single employee that works for that company. Click here to know more.

Sheldon Lavin is also an environmentally conscious owner who is aware of what his operations and workings do to the environment and the world around them. Lavin works tirelessly to ensure that the company is “friendly toe the environment as possible while continuing to dominate the business they thrive in. Lavin is also an avid fan of the Ronald McDonald House where he has provided invaluable amounts of money and time to the charity as well as partnering to be their spokesperson throughout his career.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn.com/in/sheldon-lavin-a325b98

The Success Andrew Rolfe’s with the Ubuntu Education Funds

Sineshipo Rabidyani was one of the special guest to present her speech during the Ubuntu Education Fun charity gala in London. Her speech easily intrigued the crowd. Sineshipo spoke of her childhood with her abusive and alcoholic father, giving her a troubled and unpeaceful life in her home. She continued her speech in thanking the Ubuntu Fund in helping her with getting a scholarship and becoming an Ubuntu Fund Scholar. With so much negativity that has happened in her home, Sineshipo also received psychological support from her school along with additional mentoring support.

The Ubuntu Education Funds has also helped Sineshipo to be successfully admitted into Law School, allowing her to persuade her mother to leave her abusive father to a safer environment. Sineshipo’s powerful story has greatly encouraged the generosity of the donors attending the gala during the auction. Jacob Lief, the founder and CEO of the Ubuntu Education Fund explained the great disadvantaged given to African kids after 20 years of observing them. The children in South Africa lacked in everything that was needed to survive, especially healthcare, food, and education.

Lief created a partnership with Andrew Rolfe to aid in his goal in helping as many children and families. The Ubuntu Fund has been successfully providing aid in giving young children early childhood support with quality educational programs, health care and psychological support. Ubuntu Funds also provide vocational training when the aided children have grown into their adolescent years to help them succeed financially as adults in the future.

The Ubuntu Education Funds has many impressive achievements, especially with their outstanding accomplishment in the reduction of HIV Transmission. Reports showed that 100 percent of HIV-positive mothers has successfully given birth to babies that have been tested for negative for the virus. The Ubuntu Education Funds has successfully helped ninety-percent of their scholars to enrol into universities, followed by 100 percent of its toddlers to be prepared for the start of their primary education.

With the help of Ubuntu’s Funds, it maintains to be a sustainable organisation, leading them to help many more needing children and families.

How ClassDojo Is Building Better Classroom Communities


ClassDojo is a company which offers a smartphone app by the same name that helps to build classroom communities. The app allows parents of younger students, teachers, and the student away to stay in better contact versus the old way of a few teacher-parent conferences a year. The app has proven to be very popular and is now used in classrooms across the United States and internationally.

The ClassDojo app allows teachers a quick, easy, and convenient way to keep parents apprised of what’s going on in the classroom. They can send text, pictures, and video of what students are doing in the class and their projects. Parents can communicate back to the teacher about any questions or concerns they have which helps the teacher better teach the student.

ClassDojo was established in 2011. It was co-founded by two people from the United Kingdom, Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary. It is now used in about 90% of K-8 classroom across the nation. It has been translated into 35 languages and is now being used in over 180 countries as a result.

Besides the smartphone app, ClassDojo is helping students achieve in other ways as well. They developed a series of videos called Growth Mindset and Empathy in partnership with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. This helps to teach students how to be more aware and more emphatic in regards to others. The mindfulness videos help students control stress and in doing so being able to focus better in class on what they are supposed to be learning. Stress can be a big factor in many kids lives as a WebMD survey that was conducted in 2016 showed that parents of young students said 55% of the time that the child faced high to moderate stress during the day.

Learn more about ClassDojo:


I Like to Shine with Lime Crime

I had been looking around for just the perfect make-up products for quite some time without much luck. What’s a girl to do? I realize make-up and “looking good” are very subjective topics, but I am of the belief that a woman knows when she has found the beauty products she has been looking for. I have discovered in Lime Crime a line of products that women can believe in with confidence that they will be getting top-line quality with excellent selections.


I discovered Lime Crime make-up products through word-of-mouth recommendations initially. We were at a baby shower for my cousin, and of course at some point the topic of skin care and beauty products came up. I listened intently to opinions and experiences from my family members and friends attending, and this company was the name I kept hearing brought up again and again. Everything I heard from these testimonials was so positive that I just had to check things out for myself, so I went home after the festivities to see if it was all too good to be true.


Getting on the company’s user-friendly website, I noticed what a wide array of products Lime Crime carries and offers to its customers. Wow! So much to take in and be impressed by at once! Products that caught my attention initially were aquarium glittering make-up brush sets, mermaid sparkling highlighter sets, and moonlight mermaid bundle collector sets. I also was relieved to discover the website also had plentiful instructional videos for clients needing assistance on how to apply/wear their line of products. Now that feature hooked me. I knew I was one step closer to channeling my inner mermaid, even I am a mermaid with a few extra nautical years on me.


Look into one of their products that I found so novel and effective. Unicorn Hair (who is going to forget that name?) is a hyper-performance, semi-permanent hair color product that can make you look like a unicorn. This stuff is professional quality, conditioning hair dye that will look like a professional applied it. Get some today!

How Omar Yunes Entered the Food Industry

Omar Yunes is a successful business owner and entrepreneur. He has worked hard for the titles that he holds and he has a lot of business experience that has made it easy for him to make all of the right decisions. Since he first started working in business and being his own success, he has seen different things that he can do to make his life better. While the other business ventures that he has had have always been successful, he knew that the biggest success would come in the food industry. He knew that he needed to do something that was popular, innovative and something that people had never seen in Mexico before. By opening a Sushi Itto restaurant franchise in Mexico, Omar Yunes was able to make a difference in the country and make himself more popular than he thought he would be able to do in the past with the other businesses that he has had.

For Omar Yunes to be able to do this was a big opportunity. He had done a lot of different things in the time that he had been owning companies but this was one of the first times that he had opened a company on a global level so that people would be able to enjoy it more than what they had with other companies. It was also one of the first times that anyone had brought a restaurant from a market that was primarily dominated by the Japanese into Mexico.

While this was a big risk that Omar Yunes took with the restaurant, it ended up being something that paid off for him. He was able to not only have a very successful time with the options that he had but was also able to go as far as winning an award for the restaurant. This had made things easier for Omar Yunes and had also brought a lot of change to the areas that he was a part of. The cities that Omar Yunes put Sushi Itto restaurants in were able to reap the benefits of having a major global franchise.

Life Line Screening Will Help You to Get on a Healthy Track

There are many strategies that men can take to prevent many medical conditions. Life line Screening has many tests to check for diabetes, to regulate blood pressure, and to monitor the thyroid gland. They can also check the health of your prostate, evaluate your vitamin D level, and see how high your blood pressure and cholesterol is.

It’s important to get enough exercise and sat least seven hours of sleep every night. It is also very important to keep stress to a minimum. If a person is under a lot of stress, the level of cortisol can increase and it can weaken he immune system. It can also reduce energy and can affect critical thinking negatively. Reducing stress is important and can be as simple as just taking a few minutes each day to relax. It will go a long way to helping your to improve your health and learn more about Life Line Screening.

It’s important to get enough sleep and to not oversleep. If you oversleep, it can make your more lethargic, and can make it harder for your brain to function properly and original source.

Life Line Screening will ensure that you are not at risk and will help you to access your overall health. Screenings can help you to detect your testosterone levels, the amount of Vitamin D in your system, and can see if you have high blood pressure or cholesterol.

The key to preventative health is to find out if there’s anything possibly wrong that should be evaluated and corrected. The sooner the better. The more time that you have on your side, the easier it is to battle whatever it is that’s ailing you.

Life Line Screening conducts tests that are non-invasive, quick, and relatively simple. They are taken by trained and professional technicians and the results of testing are always kept very confidential and Life Line Screening’s lacrosse camp.

Life Line Screening also offers many additional resources like their Life Line Screening Newsletter. They are always there for their patients and they will help them throughout every step of the screening process. The sooner you take action, the sooner you will be able to take back your life. Click Here for More.

Secrets To Better Business Success With NuoDB – Even In This Down Economy

In business, having efficient, reliable databases, particularly, the sorts engineered for seamless cloud deployment is key. With breakthrough cloud technology database, NuoDB, popularly known as “NewSQL,” database management is the least demanding today. This pioneering model streamlines a versatile database that transcends standard designs. Oftentimes, business environments require a platform that can adapt to growing demands without sharding. With NuoDB, cloud applications are afforded the luxury of uninterrupted availability, unlimited elasticity and storage scalability that keeps transactional processes consistent. Largely, this significantly shrinks operating budget, while maximizing efficiency and productivity.

This SQL-oriented version complies with ACID requirements and engages a network of processors to accomplish tasks quickly. Similarly, NuoDB enables a series of SMs (storage managers) and TEs (transaction engines) to improve data predictability. Furthermore, this approach allows convenient database expansion, eliminating cyclic hardware maintenance and replacement.

It’s developed by the IT software vendor, NuoDB, Inc., operating out of Massachusetts. Co-founders Jim Starkey and Barry S. Morris (CEO) initially incorporated the company as NimbusDB, Inc. in 2008 before a rebranding in 2011, at which time, it assumed the identity NuoDB. This revolutionary cloud technology database facilitates comprehensive requirements, without compromises. Largely, its elastic architecture allows it to run multiple processes simultaneously, unlike standard SQL database and NOSQL counterparts.

Nationwide support for human, civil and migrant rights


For a long time, civil, human and migrant rights have been ignored. The public has taken the laws into their hands, and the government has failed to provide the protection needed to ensure the safety of the vulnerable groups. Several migrants have lost their lives along the borders because of poor protection policies.

Since they do not belong to the host countries, they may not have the authority to demand their rights. For this reason, some organizations help with the process. Some of the groups deal with funding of these activities and the others champion for these rights through active involvement

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Among the financiers of such activities are Jim and Michael. The duo was arrested in 2007 for an article against Sheriff Joe. They were taken from their homes in the middle of the night which was against the human rights. Upon the reception of settlement fund amounting to $3.75 million, they donated the entire amount to the course of fighting for human, civil and migrant rights.

Today, Larkin and Lacey are the co-founders of Phoenix New York Times, and they support the cause of human rights. They used their resources to ensure that all the other citizens get fair treatment.

American Civil Liberties Union

This is an organization that has been in existence since 1920. It has championed for the human rights on different levels as long as the citizens are in America. The union funds its activities. The cases that require court intervention are determined, and the ones who need street actions are equally separated.

Their activities have helped the minority groups like the gays and the lesbians, people with disabilities as well as the minority tribes in America. Through their activities, several legislations have been enacted to ensure that the citizens get the best from their services.

Border Advocacy Groups

This is an organization that brings together different groups supporting the same course. The organization deals with the protection of the migrants. At the borders, there are a lot of challenges that the immigrant face. Several deaths have occurred especially in the Mexican-United States border. Learn more about Jim Larkin: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/jim-larkin/ and http://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/potmsearch/detail/submission/6427427/Jim_Larkin

The issues that bring this challenge can be addressed if the right laws were enacted. The Border Advocacy Groups consist of groups from different borders with the same intention of protection. Many migrants have arrived at their destinations safely through their support and the enacted laws.

Fund for Global Human Rights

Most human rights activities are derailed because of the difficulties that they experience when it comes to funds. There are organizations which are willing to support the activities, but they cannot express their intentions through public actions.

Fund for Global Human Rights has spent millions of dollars in supporting the course of human rights. The group ensures that the cases that touch on human rights are funded so that justice can be served.

The major is the groups that have been discriminated. The minority and the disabled who cannot defend themselves are among the beneficiaries.

Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia