Felipe Jens- Infrastructure Expert and Businessman

Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens is a Brazilian expert in the fields of business and investments. He has been working in the industry of real estate and finance as well. Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens has also been serving as an infrastructure expert in Brazil.


Up to date, Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens is at the position of the chief executive officer (CEO) for the Brazilian company of Energipar Captação S. A. which is operating in the energy industry locally to Brazil. Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens is a leader of the Concessionária do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal S. A. as well. That is the administrative center of concessions in the federal district. In the recent months, the government of Brazil has been working towards making water concessions happen in order to conserve the resource and to prompt citizens to be more mindful of it and not be wasteful.


Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens recently spoke about the water concessions in an official discussion with another expert – Mr. Edison Carlos. He is the president of the corporation Trata Brasil. The two experts discussed at length some of the most significant points of the future water concessions in the country of Brazil. Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens talked about the ways in which the citizens of the different states of Brazil will be affected by the water concessions projects in terms of economy and convenience. In order for the government to cater to the needs and requirements of the citizens, each region will have a customized project plan for the water concessions. It will be tailored to the feedback of the people and be in line with their economic stability and other requirements.


The water sector is very supportive of the water concessions and officials and expert believe it will help ensure the stability of the resource in the country.