Getting to Know Equity First Holdings and Its Services

The Equities First Holdings (EFH) is an international lender firm. The firm also leads in the provision of solutions regarding the best financing solutions to their shareholders. The Melbourne Equities First Holdings recently relocated their office in Australia to the capital of Melbourne. Their main interest is to ease the accessibility. According to the MD of the Melbourne firm, Mitchell Hopwood, the relocation of the office allows for the ample space required for the staff as well as the clients.

The Equity First Holdings is located in three various places, that is, Melbourne, Perth, and Australia, Sydney. Other than the three main places, Equity First Holdings have its offices in Thailand, India, Singapore, Hong Kong and the USA. The company mainly provides the stock-based loans. Up to date, EFH has been able to make over 700 deals, which amounts to more than 1.4 billion dollars. The loans that the company offers are always at a lower stable interest rate.

Being that Equity First Holdings grants a large number of borrowing services, various persons can benefit from Equity’s services. The high-net-worth persons as well as the borrowers, to a larger extent, are the great beneficial of EFH. The stock loan can be applied for by the individual and business borrowers. In the case where the lender needs to acquire a quick capital or the client is not qualified for the credit-based loans, the EFH provides the equities lending as an alternative.Working as a member of the staff in the firm also provides one with the opportunity to associate with various entities of the management, bettering their financial knowledge. Generally, EFH benefits the persons that need the finances, either for business purpose, personal reasons or paying debts. For any person who is desiring their capital’s flexibility, choosing EFH is always the best option.