A Look at How José Henrique Borghi Rose to the Top of the Communications Industry

José Henrique Borghi is one of the top advertising talents in Brazil. His rise to the top started when he was a teenager and his sister took him to a movie screening. The ad that ran before the movie captivated his attention and indeed everyone who saw it as it went on to win a Lions Award at Cannes. The advertisement prompted in him a desire to create ads that would captivate others just like this ad did him. Thus, Mr. Borghi future career was set that day.

José Henrique Borghi went on to graduate from the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas in São Paulo with a degree in marketing. He earned his first job very quickly after graduating at the advertising agency Standart Ogilvy. Before founding his own agency, he also garnered experience at other ad agencies such as Leo Burnett, DM9/DDB, Talent, and FCB.

Mr. Borghi’s first founded his own agency with a business partner, Erh Ray, and they called the agency BorghiErh, which of course they had named after themselves. The agency was very successful and in 2006 another advertising agency, Lowe, purchased BorghiErh. Eventually, Lowe came to be called Mullen Lowe and José Henrique Borghi is the Chief Executive Officer of the company and what Borhgi knows.

Outside of advertising, José Henrique Borghi is passionate about fitness and athletic competitions. He started out running, then added swimming and bicycling. These three events make up an ironman competition which consists of a 2.4-mile swim, followed by an 112-mile bicycle race, and finished with a 26.22-mile marathon. It’s one of the most grueling athletic competitions that exist and José Henrique Borghi has competed in 13 of them around the globe. In addition to maintaining his fitness regimen, he enjoys spending time with his wife and children and read full article.

Tempur, Cancer, and Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus, a data collecting company that aims to improve the treatment of cancer. When his wife became ill with the disease, he realized the oncologist didn’t have all the information on other patients, as he should have had, to properly diagnose the many treatments needed to treat cancer. Tempus was created by Lefkofsky to collect the treatment data of current patients, take all of their personal information off the pertinent data, and send it back to the original source for analysis.

What Mr Lefkofsky would like to see, is an easier route to the research of cancer and the treatments used to cure the disease. People respond differently to the same treatment, and Lefkofsky would like the doctors and other researchers to have the information in front of them, so that they can distinguish one patient from another in terms of treatment. Lefkofsky believes Tempus will be an important tool being used in the discovery of many new personalized vaccines based on gene research, like that of CRISPR. Click here to know more.

Lefkofsky went to the University of Michigan Law and earned his law degree. Soon afterward, in 1994, he and his business partner, Bradley Keywell, borrowed the money to buy, Brandon Apparel. The company did not do well, and lawsuits followed the pair for many years. In 1999, Lefkofsky and Keywell decided to go into business again, this time an internet business that specialized in promotional items called, Starbelly. They sold the business for $240 million. Lefkofsky went on to create, buy, and sell more companies that contributed to his many successes.

Together with his wife, Liz, in 2006, they started the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. Their focus is on the betterment of their community in the Chicago area and globally. The many charities they are involved in include those in the areas of education, health, science, arts and culture, human rights, and Technology.

Was American Airlines “Too Big To Fail?” James Dondero Opines

Some experts might only believe that the term “Too Big To Fail” (TBTF) was only invented in 2008. Of course, careful analysis will show that it has always existed in the United States. You could point to JP Morgan bailing out the United States government or the first Chrysler bailout. Was American Airlines “Too Big To Fail?”


“American Airlines History”


According to James Dondero, The US airline industry was gradually built up after the Wright Brothers flight in 1903. Small courier companies started to be formed. Eventually, American Airlines purchased up to 80 of these, creating its company in the 1930s. Airlines mergers are a common practice.


What many have forgotten in hindsight, is that in early 2001, American Airlines acquired the bankrupt Trans World Airlines. Of course, in September 2001, the World Trade Center disaster placed a heavy burden on all of the United States airline companies. Heretofore, their business plan had been based on certain basic expenses. Thereafter, they were forced to pay for tightened security. This also forced them to modify all of their time schedules.


American Airlines has a 19% market share (revenue passenger miles). Its key hubs are in Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Washington D.C. These airline routes retain their value, even during the American Airlines bankruptcy.


“Profiting on Themes”


The United States government could not allow American Airlines to fail because it would diminish the ability for citizens to travel around the world. Air travel is a key benefit of modern life. It also might lower the prestige of the United States around the world. And, what would happen to all of those airline routes?


Local cities depend on American Airlines for tax revenue and jobs. There are plenty of other companies, which contracted with American Airlines to provide services. American Airlines was “Too Big To Fail.”


“Too Important To Fail Youth”


Another group, which cannot be allowed to fail are children. Thankfully, James Dondero has invested his time, energy and money into “Reasoning Mind” – a Dallas school program to provide mathematics computers for children from pre-kindergarten to seventh grade.

John Holt Participates In Texas Bankers Conference

Recently, John Holt spoke at the 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference. The conference, which was hosted by the Texas Bankers Association, was held in New Orleans, Louisiana. John is the president and chief executive officer of NexBank Capital Inc.

The panel discussed about ‘Reinventing Community Banking: Perspective on Competing for Innovation.’ The discussions hoped to look at how banks can improve their services despite the increasing number of competing technologies. The panelist explored the various strategic opportunities provided by M&A activities, organic growth, and branching. The forum brings together leaders, consultants, and advisers to share their views on the challenges and opportunities facing the financial industry. This information was originally mentioned on PRNewswire as outlined in this link http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/ceo-and-president-of-nexbank-speaks-at-texas-bankers-associations-annual-strategic-opportunities-conference-300360910.html

About NexBank Capital, Inc.

Nexbank Capital Inc is an American financial institution. The company has an asset base of $4.6 billion. Over the years, the institution has been offering three primary services: institutional services, mortgage banking, and commercial banking. Through its commercial banking services, the bank engages in commercial lending, agency and credit services, treasury management, and commercial real estate lending. Its mortgage banking services include warehouse lending and wholesale & correspondent lending. NexBank’s clients include financial institutions, corporations, individual clients, and other institutional clients.

NexBank’s success can be attributed to the quality of leadership provided by the senior management of the firm. Its executive management team comprises industry experts, who are committed to ensuring that the company’s products and services satisfies the utilities of its vast client base. James Dondero is the institution’s chairman. The executive leader is the co-founder and president of a leading investment bank, Highland Capital Management. In addition, the corporation pays much attention to its recruitment process to ensure that they employ qualified and competent employees who identify with the company’s vision. This approach is applied in the company’s four divisions, which are NexWash LLC, NexBank Title Inc, NexBank Securities, and NexBank SSB.

USHEALTH GROUP; Providing Different Medical Products USHEALTH GROUP; Providing Different Medical Products

USHEALTH Group is a peculiar provider of insurance cover for its consumers. It is a family of products because it offers different products for it consumers. This is a marketing strategy that gives it a large scope of products to customers. Its competitors offer a very small range of products. It provides its customers with a range of products that makes it attractive and competitive. Consumers have an opportunity to get products that are competitive and affordable from USHEALTH Group. This enables people of different classes to get the access to cover their health. These products are available for people, and they are easy to access in case of any complication. The company has invested in customer care services such that their clients can access aid on their mobile phones. The USHEALTH Group makes it easy for the beneficiaries of the cover to access it like the primary applicant.

USHEALTH Group prides in its dominance in the industry for over 50 years. This enables the customers to trust their products. It is a market leader in the industry that does not have long processes like their competitors. Their consumers are exposed to a range of products. The consumer can insure their children which is a platform of saving medical expenses. Also, the children can be insured using the same insurance as their parents which enable the customer’s choice to be flexible. The best part of the products offered by the USHEALT Group is that they insure against all diseases despite the cost. Many of its competitors insure against some of the diseases, but USHEALTH Group makes their products competitive by developing an innovative product that covers different health issues. Click here to know more.

The company is founded on innovation which makes their products to be attractive in the market. Most of the competitors create products that are similar to those that are in the market. However, USHEALTH Group produces products that are peculiar and innovative which enables the customers need to be met. The society is in a better place since there are products that cover their felt needs through the USHEALTH Group. This should be a key function for the different health products produced for the consumers to buy.


Goettl Air Conditioning Company Shows People How To Give Back

Goettl is an air conditioning company with multiple offices located in Phoenix, Arizona, Tuscon, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada. They are now currently based in Tempe, Arizona.


What is pleasing about Goettl, is that their company goes out of their way to help make their customers comfortable. Their company has a good relationship with their customers and they are known to give from the heart when certain families are in need. Goettl goes the extra mile to help make a difference in people’s lives for the better. For example, during the holidays, one family were struggling with costs. They were currently without a working toilet and a bad air conditioner. Michael Gamest, who is the manager of Goettl Air Conditioning, assisted the family in need just to make sure his team members at Goettl, arrived at their home and installed a brand new air conditioning and toilet for the family, without a fee. They also donated gifts for the family just so they would enjoy the holiday season.


This company, in general, helps people to save energy on their heating and cooling bills with properly installed functional heating and cooling units. Their efforts help make Goettl show people how to give back to customers, which is important to so many who may be struggling financially.


Goettl Air Conditioning has been professionally recommended for their quality of service for over 70 years. Regardless if you need a service, or repair for your current air conditioner, or to purchase a new unit, the employees at Goettl are safe and consistent. Their employees also have been drug screened and are background checked. They are recognized by their best efforts to make sure you are always satisfied.

Visit: http://www.goettlshdm.com/about/

Evolution Of Smooth Is An Overnight Success

Rethinking The Lip Balm Market

The lip balm market is often thought of as something of a mature market. Many people simply don’t believe that there is any growth to be had in the lip balm market or that there is anything new to learn about it. This is where Evolution of Smooth has proven them wrong. The Well-known brand has taken over the lip balm market and made the likes of Chapstick, once the number one lip balm brand, run for its money. It’s success is one of the most unlikely stories you’ve ever heard.

What Went Right

The success of Evolution of Smooth (https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/) is related to the way that the company approached its marketing. The common assumptions around lip balm would suggest that this is a product used by both men and women in similar levels with strong brand loyalty. This was blown away by the Facebook research that Evolution of Smooth conducted before launching its product. Women are using lip balm at far greater rates and women are also the main target of Evolution of Smooth. This has helped the brand make itself one of the most successful around. When you decide to focus on your customers that’s expected.

How This Success Is Paying Off

The success of EOS lip balm is allowing this brand to make itself into a branching operation. There are now lotions and shampoos among other products available for this brand. You won’t find anything this amazing and you certainly won’t see the competition pull out anything that can compete. Evolution of Smooth has certainly changed how we think o about lip balm. Years from now when Millennial women are much older we’re still going to be thinking about this brand. They’ve done something right and we’ve got to give them credit for that.