Greg Finch – Highly Reputed and Preferred Orthopedist in Queensland

As the stress in the lives of the people continues to increase due to a hectic lifestyle and increasing work hours, it goes without a saying that body take its toll in one way or the other. Apart from other health issues that may surface due to stress and body tension, musculoskeletal problems develop much more easily. It is also because as we age, the muscles and the bones of our body loses its strength and gets weaker with time, and are incapable of carrying the burden of increasingly hectic lifestyle and work pressure. It is for this reason people start to develop neck tension, spinal problems, shoulder pain, joints pain, and so on.


An orthopedist can carefully screen the patients suffering from the musculoskeletal issues and diagnose accordingly. Many orthopedic procedures are commonly prescribed for various musculoskeletal problems, such as ACL reconstruction, shoulder replacement, Osteotomy, joint replacement, arthroscopy, spine diseases, bone fracture repair, a fusion of bones, degenerative diseases, sports injuries, debridement, soft tissue repair, and more. Thanks to the advancement in the field of medicine, there are many tools and modern treatments available that help with faster recovery. Also, the orthopedic surgeries that are minimally invasive are also available that helps in active rehabilitation and minimal pain. It helps the person to get rid of or control the musculoskeletal problems they face and move on with their life normally without suffering immobility that musculoskeletal issues can cause.


Greg Finch is one of the most preferred and sought after orthopaedists practicing in Queensland, Australia, with Sunshine Coast Hospital. Over the years, Greg Finch has worked with reputed orthopaedists at reputed medical institutions in Canada, Australia, the United States, and New Zealand. Greg Finch keeps himself update with the latest advancement in the field of orthopedic therapies, and offers latest treatment options with minimally invasive procedures to the patients. Greg Finch has done his MBBS from the University of Auckland and went on to pursue FRACS at the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.