Evolution Of Smooth Is An Overnight Success

Rethinking The Lip Balm Market

The lip balm market is often thought of as something of a mature market. Many people simply don’t believe that there is any growth to be had in the lip balm market or that there is anything new to learn about it. This is where Evolution of Smooth has proven them wrong. The Well-known brand has taken over the lip balm market and made the likes of Chapstick, once the number one lip balm brand, run for its money. It’s success is one of the most unlikely stories you’ve ever heard.

What Went Right

The success of Evolution of Smooth (https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/) is related to the way that the company approached its marketing. The common assumptions around lip balm would suggest that this is a product used by both men and women in similar levels with strong brand loyalty. This was blown away by the Facebook research that Evolution of Smooth conducted before launching its product. Women are using lip balm at far greater rates and women are also the main target of Evolution of Smooth. This has helped the brand make itself one of the most successful around. When you decide to focus on your customers that’s expected.

How This Success Is Paying Off

The success of EOS lip balm is allowing this brand to make itself into a branching operation. There are now lotions and shampoos among other products available for this brand. You won’t find anything this amazing and you certainly won’t see the competition pull out anything that can compete. Evolution of Smooth has certainly changed how we think o about lip balm. Years from now when Millennial women are much older we’re still going to be thinking about this brand. They’ve done something right and we’ve got to give them credit for that.