The Career of Jose Borghi: Birth of Mullen Lowe

Over the years, Jose Borghi became the number one advertiser in the world. Despite his massive success, he didn’t always know he’d go into advertising. Like all high school students, Jose Borghi was unsure about his future. At that time, he didn’t have a career plan.

One day, his sister invited him to the Castro Neves Theater. She went with some friends and figured Jose might learn something. The event showing included prizes earned by the winners of the Cannes Worldwide Festival of Imagination. Jose was captured by the golden lion statutes the winners received.

From that moment, Jose Borghi set out to win one of those awards. In doing so, he became one of the most exceptionally artistic promoters the world has ever seen and what Borghi knows.

His first step was attending Standart Ogilvy. He was very successful with the team he worked with. Before long, he felt he’d learned enough to build his own firm. Along with a partner, Erh Ray, he co-founded BorghiErh. Together, they were hugely successful. Eventually, a larger advertising firm, Lowe, noticed their success. After joining, they changed the company’s named to Borghi Lowe.

The larger business brought more success. They went from domestic success to international success. Again, their success attracted the attention of a larger firm, Mullen. The two companies merged and formed Mullen Lowe Brasil. Jose Borghi is the co-CEO, a position he shares with Andre Gomes.

Today, Jose Borghi spends a lot of his time giving advice to young advertisers and their teams. He loves that there are hundreds of advertising companies these days, but he hates that they’re not being used to their fullest. Advertising can make any brick and mortar company more than just well-known to the public and Borghi’s lacrosse camp.

The Impressive Litigation Career Of Karl Heideck

The Litigation Career Of Karl Heideck
The Litigation Career Of Karl Heideck

Civil litigation is a complex part of the United States Judicial System. Lawsuits occur in both the federal and state courts. A litigation attorney begins preparation for their career while still attending law school. Courses such as litigation practice and civil procedure are required for a career in litigation.

A litigation attorney also needs specialized training and courses to continue their education. They deal with lawsuits between two or more individuals that are seeking criminal sanctions or monetary damages. A civil litigator is also a trial lawyer. The experience of a litigator is incredibly important especially the time they have spent in court.

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Karl Heideck is a litigation attorney. Once he graduated from law school he built a reputation as a capable and excellent litigation lawyer. There are numerous reasons he has this reputation and it begins with the foundation he built. Mr. Karl Heideck has a lot of experience in his chosen field. The clients he has represented are extremely varied and many of the lawsuits he was involved in were difficult and complex cases. More information on This Page.

Mr. Heideck’s background in law has enhanced his abilities as a civil litigator. He is highly involved in the processes of both mediation and commercial mediation. He has an education background that is the perfect fit for a good litigator. Mr. Heideck attended Temple University in 2009 and this is where his degree in law was earned. Prior to attending law school he attended Swarthmore College where he earned his BA in literature and English.

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Life Line Screenings: Treating Illness Through Prevention

Life Line Screening is a company set on treating disease, not just by providing treatment, but by preventing it. Founded in 1993, and headquartered in Ohio, Life Line Screening provides screening services by trained professionals all across the United States. By screening for warning signs of major illnesses in otherwise asymptomatic individuals, they hope to provide patients with more time living healthy lives, and less time and money confined to hospitals getting treatment for otherwise preventable diseases.

Screenings include tests for the warning signs of heart disease, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, thyroid disease, and various forms of cancer just to name a few. All screenings and tests are non-invasive and painless. “I spent my career in clinical medicine and surgery seeing and treating the sequelae of vascular and cardiovascular disease.” Dr Andrew J. Manganaro explained in an interview early this month. Dr Manganaro is the Chief Medical Officer and National Medical Director for Life Line Screening. He is also a licensed cardiovascular surgeon. “Oftentimes, catastrophic outcomes resulted from diseases such as ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms which could have been easily and safely treated had the patient known of the presence of the disease before the catastrophe. Life Line Screening provided the opportunity for that.”

Testing often happens on site in senior centers, community centers, places of worship, or work places. Life Line Screening has one of the largest screening databases in the world, with over 8 million screened individuals. This massive screening net has contributed to countless diagnoses, and has been the basis for numerous scientific publications. Life Line has also partnered with New York University School of Medicine, and Oxford University. Dr Manganaro is hopeful for the future. “We try to continue to offer our clients both new tests and new ways to look at preventive health.”


Anthony Petrello’s Business And Family Life Both Have Numerous Milestones

Anthony Petrello has earned some honors and prestige that few have achieved even in the elite banking world. Just a few years ago he became the nation’s highest paid CEO when he received a compensation of over $68 million as part of a contract renegotiation. But it’s understandable why Petrello is compensated heavily because he works closely with big oil companies and is responsible for guiding company investments in drilling rig technologies and automated systems. For Petrello, the journey to Nabors CEO came as a result of several times he changed his mind.

According to Lloyd Grove, a former roommate of Petrello’s, he was a math whiz who enrolled at Yale and achieved high honors with both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in advanced mathematics. He decided to start a career in law instead of teaching math, so he got his J.D. at Harvard and joined Baker & McKenzie as an associate. He became partner at that firm in 7 years and met the leader of Nabors Industries several years later. In 1991 he left the firm and became Chief Operating Officer of Nabors Industries, and then took over as CEO in 2011.

Anthony Petrello joined the Texas Children’s Hospitals Board of Trustees not long ago when he and his wife Cynthia gave birth to a daughter who had periventricular leukomalacia and now has cerebral palsy. The Petrellos consulted with various doctors to find out if any treatment was possible but were told it was not. So they met Dan and Jan Duncan who had started a neurological research facility at TCH and they became enthusiastic about the potential to one day address brain diseases. The Petrellos sent a gift of $7 million to the facility to invest in advanced research technology.

EOS Lip Balm Flavors

When it comes to the cosmetic industry, it has become abundantly clear that EOS has cornered the market in terms of lip balm. These products are sold in drug stores and grocery stores all over and have grown from a few basic flavors into a number of different flavors. If you would like to learn a little bit more about some of the most popular flavors around, read on and understand these options.

Cucumber melon is a type of flavor that you can turn to if you want a cooling effect that is somewhat neutral. It comes in light green packaging and is part of the spring flavors created by the lip balm company. It is a very popular offering that many people turn to.  Check on for some info.

Strawberry sorbet is also another popular flavor that comes in a pink container. It tastes sweet and also creates memorable cases that are shared amongst different people. It will keep your lips smooth and moisturized with no problem.

If you are looking for a type of lip balm that has a little bit more tang, you should consider Berry Blossom. This is a flavor that has hints of blackberry and blueberry and allows you the chance to take in the intricacies of flavor. It comes in a light purple container.  Useful link on

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Each and every EOS lip balm flavor has its own flavor nuance and intricacy that you can take advantage of any time that you decide to try it out. The beauty of this is that the company is continuously coming out with new lip balm flavors that you can take advantage of. They are fun to have and most importantly, they work remarkably and will have you coming back for more each and every time that you decide to purchase one of these round containers.  Follow EOS on

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Lori Senecal Works Hard to be Ad Queen

Lori Senecal is a top executive of two advertising agencies: Crispin Porter + Bogusky and Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal. She is the Global CEO of CPandB and the Global Executive Chairman of KBS. Senecal is a leader in cutting edge technology solutions for businesses and their advertising needs. Her reputation has earned her the top spots in those prestigious firms.

Her work ethic and inspired solutions have led to the rapid expansion and the vision of KBS. She thinks outside of the box, which has led to her successes with the advertising industry. Her philosophy is that advertising is no different than having a good sense of style. Her style, talent, and drive helped her to reach her goals and earn her a reputation. As a proof of her leadership and talent, she is the head of an agency, KBS, with over 800 employees and assisted with major campaigns. KBS worked on campaigns, like American Express, Boars Head, and BMW.

Growing up in Montreal, she was the youngest in a family of four girls. Always setting the bar high for herself, she was able to achieve her goals early in life. She earned her post-secondary degree from McGill University. As the President of the New York office of McCann Erickson, she helped major brands like Xbox and Coca Cola.

Lori Senecal started her interested in leadership roles and business early in life. In high school, she wanted to participate in gymnastics, but she couldn’t because of her height. She coached instead and developed her ability to lead. Coaching taught her how to set goals, be consistent, and communicate effectively. These skills translated well into her leadership roles. In advertising, she learned early that ad work speaks for itself, and “you are only as good as your last campaign.” She has worked hard on each campaign.

She has worked diligently to achieve goals as an Ad Queen. More details can be found on Adweek.

Troy McQuagge Manages USHealth Group Perfectly

The USHealth Group is run by Troy McQuagge, and he has been given an award by the World CEO Awards. This article explains how the company has grown with Troy’s help, and it shows that he has helped the company grow in every sector of the insurance market. He knows how to make a company that much stronger, and he is helping the company build each part of its business every year.

#1: The Plans

USHealth Group has a number of different people working on insurance plans, and there are many companies and customers who will purchase plans from the company. The company is searching for a number of clients who need their coverage, and the coverage has been designed to serve those who need it most. Troy has been at the heart of much of the growth in the company, and he is helping the company plan better policies for the future.

#2: Group Plans

The group plans that are offered through USHealth Group are offered by Troy because he has found many corporate partners to join his firm. He wants to ensure that the person who works for a large company has better insurance, and he welcomes large companies to his firm to purchase group insurance for all. Click here to know more.

#3: Family Insurance

Family insurance is offered through the USHealth Group, and the company allows single people to purchase the same plans where needed. Troy believes that giving a number of different families will benefit from buying his insurance, and he will continue to make policies that help his customers find the peace of mind they need. He leads his firm in expansion to ensure they may serve more people, and policies are affordable for all.

There are many reasons why Troy McQuagge is one of the finest CEO in the insurance field, and he done quite a lot of work to help the company offer better plans for everyone. The company is a strong competitor in the field, and Troy has been honored by the World CEO Awards because of the work he has done to grow the USHealth Group.

Securus Technologies – Protecting Law Enforcement Officials and Keeping Crime at Bay

Securus Technologies is a highly reputed and enterprising company in the field of civil, criminal justice, and inmate communications. The company offers highly innovative and useful products and services for the law enforcement officials and inmates. The inmates can communicate with ease with their loved ones with the use of services offered by Securus Technologies. The company also helps with video calling, email services, and money transfer. It provides products and services that were just impossible until a few years back. As the company continues to invest millions into research and development, it aims to expand the communication opportunities for the inmates and make the overall cost of the services it provides much lower.



The law enforcement officials also have many services that are offered by Securus Technologies, which allows them to do their duty safely and with confidence. The data analytics and information service help the law enforcement officials get the information they needed to act earlier to control the damage and catch the offenders before any crime is committed. It is for this and many such reasons that the law enforcement officials have flooded the company with letters of appreciation. The company released a press release online recently where it showed some of the comments from these letters.



Securus Technologies also invited the customers and investors to its technology center in Dallas, Texas. The company is making tremendous progress in the field and wants to showcase to the investors and clients what it has done and doing to make communities safer and empower the law enforcement officials. Securus Technologies offer a broad range of products, many of which are used by as well while doing my duty as a law enforcement official. I find the products and services of Securus Technologies highly helpful, and it also helps me keep crime at bay in my area. It ensures I have the information available to catch the offenders before they commit a crime.

Life Line Screening: Helping People to Live Healthy Life

Life Line Screening is one of its kind medical, dedicated testing labs that are working hard to offer health people lead fuller, healthier lives by providing preventive screenings services that are reliable and affordable. The team at LLS is working very hard by meeting with specialists and doctor to help them in detecting health problems early enough so that it could be dealt easily by an effective medical treatment so that everyone can enjoy healthy living.

LLS offers screening events that are base on the community, and this service is one of the leading services that made him unique than others lab that are offering such events. Screenings that took place at LLS lab done by using the start of the art medical equipment and another thing which is needed to get the test done with more accuracy and efficiency. There are few types of preventive screenings of health that can choose according to one’s budget and the type of testing he or she wants. Click here to know more.

The thing is that LLS is playing a major role in helping people to do the required soon enough to see what’s going on inside the body so they can discuss that with a specialist. You can choose such test without consulting with a doctor as it is not necessary to see if you need to visit a doctor or you can control your diet and do exercise in order to live a healthy life.

LLS use state-of-the-art ultrasound technology which is the latest machinery that you can count on such equipment for reliable, accurate images for:

  • Screening for Carotid artery disease
  • Screening for ankle-brachial index (for disease such as peripheral arterial)
  • Screening for abdominal aortic aneurysm
  • Finger-stick blood screenings
  • Screening to check the mineral density of a Bone

Greg Finch – Highly Reputed and Preferred Orthopedist in Queensland

As the stress in the lives of the people continues to increase due to a hectic lifestyle and increasing work hours, it goes without a saying that body take its toll in one way or the other. Apart from other health issues that may surface due to stress and body tension, musculoskeletal problems develop much more easily. It is also because as we age, the muscles and the bones of our body loses its strength and gets weaker with time, and are incapable of carrying the burden of increasingly hectic lifestyle and work pressure. It is for this reason people start to develop neck tension, spinal problems, shoulder pain, joints pain, and so on.


An orthopedist can carefully screen the patients suffering from the musculoskeletal issues and diagnose accordingly. Many orthopedic procedures are commonly prescribed for various musculoskeletal problems, such as ACL reconstruction, shoulder replacement, Osteotomy, joint replacement, arthroscopy, spine diseases, bone fracture repair, a fusion of bones, degenerative diseases, sports injuries, debridement, soft tissue repair, and more. Thanks to the advancement in the field of medicine, there are many tools and modern treatments available that help with faster recovery. Also, the orthopedic surgeries that are minimally invasive are also available that helps in active rehabilitation and minimal pain. It helps the person to get rid of or control the musculoskeletal problems they face and move on with their life normally without suffering immobility that musculoskeletal issues can cause.


Greg Finch is one of the most preferred and sought after orthopaedists practicing in Queensland, Australia, with Sunshine Coast Hospital. Over the years, Greg Finch has worked with reputed orthopaedists at reputed medical institutions in Canada, Australia, the United States, and New Zealand. Greg Finch keeps himself update with the latest advancement in the field of orthopedic therapies, and offers latest treatment options with minimally invasive procedures to the patients. Greg Finch has done his MBBS from the University of Auckland and went on to pursue FRACS at the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.