Rona Borre Contribution to the Staffing Industry

In the year 2001, Rona Borre launched Instant Alliance

Ms. Rona Borre is a Chicago-based entrepreneur. Borre attended the University of Arizona and graduated with a degree in business. Today, she is the Co-founder and chief executive officer of Instant Alliance. Borre began her career in technology as a technical recruiter for a global recruiting firm in the year 1996. Through determination, she was able to work her way up and become the top selling sales representative in the history if Instant Technology. Before going out on her own to start Instant Technology, Ms. Borre built and operated a 30 million dollar book business. In the year 2001, Rona Borre launched Instant Alliance. It has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. Know her better at


Instant Alliance strives to build the technology and the finance workforce through the human capital for other firms. The company has embraced the responsibility by unearthing a drive for excellence. When presented with the needs of an institution, the company goes a mile further and explores the depth of their candidates. They have specialized in going beyond what is represented by the resume, beyond the interviews and by pursuing the real human connection. The chief executive officer, Ms. Bore says that culture is a precious equilibrium and that by inspiring collaboration, inspired cultures are developed. Consequently, the cultures drive the business.

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To achieve success in the IT staffing, the company partners with skilled consultants nationwide. Partnering ensures the best and talented individuals are paired with organizations. When it comes to Finance staffing, efficiency and precision are paramount. Therefore, it means having the right talent at the right place at the right time. Instant Alliance ensures institutions get the best management team in their workforce.

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Designer and Technology Guru, Chris Burch


Fashion has changed over the years and will continue to change each day as will technology. Over the last decade or so, these two industries have merged to create a formidable partnership that is changing the design and fashion world in astronomical ways. It is truly making such strides we cannot fathom some of the outcomes.


Fashion designers are on the cusp of using technology to experiment with in remarkable ways. Designers and entrepreneurs all over the world are excited to see what will come from this innovative merger of great minds. Dutch fashion designer, Anouk Wipprecht, has ventured into this new and fascinating world of techno-design. She has come up with some very interesting creations. She has created a drink-making dress and a self-painting dress.


Other designers use technology to produce protective fashions such as bike protection that goes around the neck instead of a helmet. Designs such as Frontline Gloves, by Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon, allow firefighters to exchange important information through had gestures.


Some designers are even recycling material to create fashions. Many great designers are coming up with creative and innovative ways to blend and recycle materials to help our lives become easier. There are some obstacles to overcome, but designers are working to bring down costs and barriers so that they can encourage everyone to welcome this new partnership.


Christopher Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. Entrepreneurial visions for new market opportunities is high on this company’s list of goals. Creating through creativity, vision, and perseverance is key. Burch has worked almost forty years as an entrepreneur and investor. He has played an important role in the development of over fifty companies. He has a long record of experience and know how. The world is a better place because of people who have the ability to think outside the box and use expressions of creativity to make life easier for everyone.

Dr. Vijay Eswaran: The Business and Philanthropic Hero

Dr. Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian executive and philanthropist. Eswaran studied at the London School of Economics, graduating with a Social-Economics degree in 1984.

He, later, joined the Southern Illinois University where he earned his MBA in 1986. Upon his graduation, he worked for several reputable organizations in Australia, Canada, Europe, and the USA.

In 1998, Vijay Eswaran went back to Asia and, in the same year, co-founded the QI group of companies. QI is a multi-business corporation, dealing with different sectors ranging from retail and direct sales, education, hospitality, financial services among others.

The group has offices in various Asian countries. In the education sector, the group established a university in Ipoh, a city located to the North of Kuala Lumpur.

Vijay Eswaran is also a respected philanthropist. He started the Vijayaratnam organization in Malaysia. This foundation was established in honor of Vijay’s father, and his wife, Mrs. Umayal Eswaran, chairs it.

The Foundation has made great steps in empowering youths and women. Through the QI Group, Mr. Vijay established a social responsibility branch known as the RYTHM Foundation. The Forbes Asia recognized his efforts by naming him as one of the 48 philanthropic Asians.

Besides entrepreneurship, Vijay is a renowned author and motivational speaker. He has four books to his name. These books include In the Spheres of Life, Thinking Zone, On the Wings of Thought, and Stepping Stone.

In The Spheres of Life is the most successful of the four, and has been translated into different languages. Vijay Eswaran has also lectured on spiritual and business matters in some of the world’s most prestigious universities.

In his interview with The Entrepreneur Middle East, Dr. Vijay revealed that before establishing the QI group, he felt that he was not exploiting his potential fully by being employed.

It is the desire for being independent and establishing a multilevel marketing empire, which compelled him to look for like-minded partners, with whom he started the group.

Asked if he encountered any challenges before making it in business, Vijay Eswaran said that with no funding or connections, he had to struggle all by himself. He, however, took these challenges positively. To him, failure is as important as success in the growth of any business.

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