George Soros Talks About Governance

George Soros is an American entrepreneur who is also known for his philanthropy and his open mind. Just the other day, he wrote an article about issues that touched his heart and here is what he had to say. George Soros begins by wishing the world the best in these troubled times. In this message, he says that it’s not business as usual on Forbes. But before he begins his essay, George Soros sees the need to introduce himself. George Soros was born in Hungary 86 years ago at a time when Europe was occupied by the Nazi. From his childhood, he learned the importance of the prevailing regime in protecting the right of its citizens or oppressing them. He managed to survive the Nazi occupation with the help of his father who used fake documents and identification.

He escaped to England in the year 1947 and attended the London School of Economics where he learned the theories of philosopher Karl Popper. From these theories, George Soros developed some theories of his own and thought of the reflexivity and the fallibility pillars. He the learned that there were two kinds of political regimes, one where the subjects choose their leaders with the hope they would look after interests and the one that ruling leaders had the aim of manipulating their subjects for their gains. He named this forms of leadership as society open and society closed respectively. He terms this classification as very simple and is responsible for the well-functioning regime on Investopedia or failed states. As for him, he decided to promote the society open and oppose the society closed.

George Soros says that the current world is in a crisis as most of the open societies tend to be in a crisis while the closed societies are multiplying. For instance, the mafia states on and fascist dictatorships are arising every day. The only way we find ourselves in these situations is because our elected leaders have failed to meet the expectations of their voters and have decided to pursue their interests. If you ask the common person, he/she feels that the elite hates have made away with their democracy.

George Soros the speaks about how the United States emerged as the sole superpower after the Second World War, and they were seen as the advocates for democracy as well as free markets. Since then, globalization of financial markets has been the major issue. The people behind globalization believe that the process increases total wealth and if the rich gave the poor, there would still be left much for the rich.

George Soros is known for supporting causes that stand for three things. Criminal justice reforms, religious tolerance, and the immigration reforms. These are things that the president of the United States does not support, and for this reason, they differ with George Soros.

George Soros has made his wealth through risky trade investments. He moved to the United States in the early 50’s and took his first job in wall street immediately after arriving in the states.