Don Ressler and his Successful Entrepreneurial Journey

Don Ressler has created a name for himself in the online retailing and e-commerce fashion industry. He started his career by building consulting companies that were seeking for opportunities online. Don proved to be highly successful with his first online business. He raised $100 million in capital for his first internet company.

Don Ressler’s first company was known as He sold the firm in 2001 to Intermix Media at Ressler teamed up with Intermix CEO Adam Goldenberg to form a branch company named Alena Media. As the two worked together, they realized that they had a shared niche in the field of advertising. The two decided to develop another company that deals with beauty products. They named the company Intelligent Beauty. The company started its business operation in 2006. It became popularly known for selling items such as skin care products and cosmetic items on Huffington Post. Intelligent Beauty opened another line of goods that dealt with weight loss. It later rebranded to JustFab and became a highly successful e-commerce retailer in fashion.

JustFab is the mother company that led to the growth of other enterprises like Fabletics, FL2, and FabKids. These are separate businesses that have a successful online subscription business model. These companies are increasing in popularity on a daily basis. Don Ressler has shown himself as an outstanding business person. Together with his business partner Adam Goldenberg, he has built a success brand by expanding to markets. JustFab is growing at a rapid rate and is on the verge of controlling the online fashion markets.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have accomplished a lot with their individual and shared companies. They have turned the dreams of several startups to realities. Their exceptional skills in business on and bond have allowed them to work together. The two have created products that are fun, fashionable, and affordable.

JustFab has since had its offices in El Segundo because it is an ideal location. The place is close to the airport and has quick access to the beach. The beach and its lifestyle made a perfect home location for Don Ressler. Don Ressler has since loved the office space because it is highly expandable. The company started with a small office location but has since expanded. It features a massive 128,000 square feet of office in El Segundo. The firm on LinkedIn has focused on the online markets and has been growing at a rapid rate. JustFab plans to expand to other fashion markets and become a fashion leader.

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