Squaw Valley Ski Holdings Issues Statement About Determination To Keep Up Water Quality

Access to water is highly important all over the world. People need to have clean water so they can drink it and use it for other activities. Many people also love to engage in water sports of all kinds. They love to go swimming during the summer and skiing and snowboarding during the winter. Many resorts are well aware of the need to keep the water in their facilities as pure as possible. This is something that officials at Squaw Valley Ski Holdings have rushed to do in the aftermath of a potential threat to the quality of the water in this area. They know that their clients count on them to provide clean water when they are in residence in this highly popular resort.

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Keeping Water Sources Safe

When health officials announced that potentially troublesome viruses had been found in the water supply, officials at the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings company stepped up efforts to make sure they were doing everything to combat this problem. The water here is treated via the best possible, most up-to-date technology, allowing for officials to monitor the situation closely and make sure that they are implementing solutions for it. Heavy rains in the area caused issues that were immediately made clear to the property’s managers. The rain was unusually heavy for this time frame. Officials in the area who manage this area immediately stepped up and they realized the need to respond to it as quickly as possible. Since that time, they have taken many important steps forward that should help make sure all water in the area is fully protected. Officials made it clear that the water in question was not available for consumption by the public so no visitors were put in direct danger at any point from this issue. Their water supply was always maintained at a high level.

Hard Steps

It was constant, routine testing ghat was able to detect this issue. The managers of the company then go in touch with Placer County Environmental Health. They also contact officials who are in charge of the Squaw Valley Public Service District to inform them of the problem they had discovered. At that point, they also made enormous efforts to speak with those who bring many years of water quality control expertise to the table in order to figure out the next steps involved. Those at the company are confident they have found this issue and discovered what steps they must take in order to make sure that the problem is under their full control. They have issued a statement to the public that anyone can read, allowing everyone anywhere to know about this issue and their efforts to make sure that it remains fully confronted and avoided in the future. They will continue to issue updates as the problem is fully confronted, allowing the public to understand what steps remain in place to combat it and how such efforts will continue to make sure it does not happen again.

Learn more about Squaw Valley: http://squawalpine.com/skiing-riding/weather-conditions-webcams/snow-weather-reports-lake-tahoe

ClassDojo Teaching Empathy

ClassDojo is revolutionizing the way parents and teachers communicate. The days of a once a semester parent teacher meeting are gone forever. Parents and teachers are now able to interact on a daily basis if need be. Primarily being used by kindergarten through 8th-grade teachers the popularity of the app is one of the fastest growing segments of education technology.

Recently a 5th-grade reading class teacher noticed one of her students diagnosed as autistic became anxious when faced with social pressure. It just so happened her class had just watched a series of short videos created by ClassDojo and Harvard’s Making Caring Common project, dealing with showing empathy to others. The students realized they could help their classmate by taking turns reading with him. A little jester that worked, the student no longer feels anxious because someone is always willing to learn with him.

While empathy is critical to proper social behavior, recent research tells us it is on the decline. Today there is a lot of anxiety in our society for many reasons. Our last election laced with invective statements caused low-income families to become increasingly concerned with financial matters and the children of immigrants are becoming more concerned about their futures. To succeed in our society today, people need to interact with individuals who have different experiences and beliefs. ClassDojo hopes to help reverse this trend by offering videos that encourage empathy by urging students to talk to and express gratitude for people often overlooked in their communities.

The mobile app is free to teachers, students, and parents. ClassDojo is different than other education apps that treat education in a serious manner; ClassDojo allows the users to create portfolios that are silly and fun while creating a friendly environment where positive thinking and good character will lead to positive results. ClassDojo gives students a voice where they can share classroom accomplishments with photos and videos. Teachers can give parents daily updates on their student’s progress and make suggestions about what they can do at home to further their student’s progress. The app also makes it possible for teachers to inform parents about upcoming school events.

Last year at least one teacher in 65% of kindergarten through 8th-grade schools in the country used @ClassDojo, in less than a year that percentage has grown to 90%. If you add the 5% of high school users, ClassDojo comes to 90,000 U.S. schools. Adults use LinkedIn for business, Facebook for social connections and now ClassDojo to form a stronger relationship with their children and the men and women who educate them.

Capitol Anesthesiology in Austin

Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in the country today. There are a lot of new companies that have moved into the area, especially as the technology capacity of companies grows. With the favorable tax system in Texas for business owners, there are a lot of new companies that are moving in the area. Capitol Anesthesiology has done a great job of helping others get to the next level. Not only that, but they have also invested in the local community. If you want to take your business to the next level, following the example of Capitol Anesthesiology is a great idea.


When Capitol Anesthesiology was first started, a lot of people doubted that they could be successful over the long term. However, the founders of the company stayed true to their mission and goals. If you want to invest more time and money into your business, there are a variety of ways that this can help you. Capitol Anesthesiology is a great company because it truly cares about its customers. It is not like many companies today simply looking to make a quickly profit off of investors or customers.

Next Steps

With all of the technology that is coming out in the medical field, Capitol Anesthesiology plans to have some big changes in their business in the coming years.

Fabletics offers highly discounted clothing for the holiday season

Fabletics has grown to become an inspirational, practical and fashion-forward company that sells fashion clothing. All of the clothing sold by the company comes at discounted prices that women can afford. The site has grown to differentiate and place itself above its competitors. It offers highly quality clothing that the everyday woman can afford. Fabletics has increasingly grown to become the one stop shop for every woman.


The cost of an average clothing is highly discounted. One can access an activewear at a price of $50; it includes a top, bottom and the regular sports bra. The cost at Fabletics is much cheaper compared to that of the competitors. The clothing lines provided by the company varies with different styles and packages. Multiple best sellers should keep every stylish woman coming for more. Most of the clothing such as the Salar leggings have been flattering, giving one a breathable and practical experience with their workouts. Fabletics too comes with a new line of men’s high-performance athletic gear with premium lifestyle basics.


What is more important about Fabletics is its great community.  The company has given its customers the exclusive chance to try, see and feel the pieces of clothing they would like to purchase. Kate Hudson, co-founder of the company, recently stated how thrilled she was to have such a business that is beneficial to many. She was also happy to announce a new home of the company at the International Market Place.


Started in 2013, Fabletics has mastered its niche to provide highly fashionable activewear. The company has focused its fashion wear to feature a high range of active lifestyle, high fashion styles and cozy loungewear that anyone can take beyond their workouts. The best place to shop in the coming winter cold season would be Fabletics. The brand boasts of its ability to provide high-quality insulating clothing.


People that have shopped with the company have noted that the range of goods sold by the firm have been comprehensive. Fabletics brings in a new activewear suitable for any season. The multi-purpose layered clothing will be appropriate for a trendy and stylish look. If you love to exercise in activewear that are highly fashionable, then going for Fabletics clothing should be the best deal for you.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler’s high-power moves 👊🏼

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How Investment Bankers Make Money

If you are like most people, then you are most familiar with one kind of banking. This is retail banking. This is your local bank that you visit to make deposits, withdraw cash and where you may have set up a direct deposit. This is known as retail banking.

Did you know that there is another kind of banking, known as investment banking? This is another side of banking that involves investing money to turn a profit. Investment banks do some things that regular, retail banks do not. Here are a few of them below.

Investment banks can help corporations as well as smaller firms go through mergers and acquisitions. Your local retail bank probably won’t do that. They may have a separate division or company that would be incorporated as an investment bank do that. Other things that investment bankers can do is assist with restructuring of a company. Restructuring involves changing the management, perhaps eliminating some departments or adding a few departments to make a company more productive or profitable.

Investment banks will also invest directly in companies. They can sometimes purchase a company completely and manage it themselves. Other times, they will have ownership but leave management to the company’s previous owners or hire a management firm to oversee their new asset. Investment bankers also love to purchase equity stakes in companies. Unlike retail banks, investment banks are also free to purchase, sell and trade company stocks on the stock market like a stockbroker. They will also trade commodities such as rice, silver, oil and pork bellies. The goal here is to buy when prices are low and then sell them at a higher price, thus making a profit.


The Investment Banker, Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is an investment banker who hails from Austria, Europe. He has worked in Venezuela for many years as an investment banker and has made a name for himself there. Mr. Lustgarten holds both Austrian citizenship and Venezuelan citizenship. He is fluent in both German, English and Spanish.

Currently, Mr. Lustgarten operates an investment firm known as Lustgarten Martin. He named the company after himself. Working out of Florida, Martin Lustgarten continues to have many dealings in South America, which is a region that he is an expert in.

Don Ressler Works With People In Order To Bring High Fashion To The Masses

When it comes to high fashion, a lot of people believe that only the rich and famous could enjoy some of the best styles available. However, there are a lot of ways that people that aren’t as financially well off could enjoy some of the looks that they got to see in the media. They are also able to save a lot of money while at it. One thing that could be said for fashion is that being stylish is actually quite simple for people that are willing to do so. It is actually quite easy to put together a look. One just has to know what she wants and where to get it.

One person that could help with fashion is Don Ressler. Ressler has in fact established TechStyle to help with global industry of fashion. Among the things he could do is help people find their own styles. He has helped with the building of the subscription retail service of JustFab and the subsidiaries. Don Ressler is not only interested in selling products, but also providing an experience for customers to remember. This is one of the reasons why his company is such a success in the fashion industry.

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How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Is Taking On Amazon

One of the best things that he has done was start small. He made sure that he only took on new tasks as he could handle it. That way, growth for his business would be steady. Among the small manageable steps that Don Ressler has taken with his brand is that he opened up physical locations for one of the subsidiary, Fabletics. This was something that increased the sales of his companies because people are able to find the right fit of their clothes.

Don Ressler is also very cooperative when it comes to his team. He and Adam Goldenberg take the time to determine what products are good for selling. After all, Adam Goldenberg knows how to handle the analytics so that the sales of the company can be maximized. Among other people he has worked with is Kimora Lee Simmons for the designs and Kate Hudson for the marketing and the ownership of the brand.

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Eric Pulier – An American Philanthropist and Business Entrepreneur

Eric Pulier is among the most successful American business entrepreneurs in enterprise technology. Additionally, Mr. Pullier is also a philanthropist, technologist, columnist, and published author. The VAR named Mr. Eric Pulier as one of the thirty e-Visionaries, making him a popular public speaker at the leading technology conferences held globally.

Eric Pulier is the founder of more than 15 technology companies, which have enabled him to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for business investments. He sold his latest company for three hundred and fifty million US dollars. Mr. Pulier is the co-founder of Enterprise Professional Services, Service Oriented Infrastructure software, Media Platform, Desktone, Digital Evolution, Akana, and the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council.

Eric Pulier is an associate of Bill Clinton’s Clinton Global Initiative. Furthermore, he is also working at the Enterprise Leadership Council as the Executive Director. For over 20 years, Eric Pulier has been a spearhead in the digital and software interactive industries.

Eric Pulier has put his investments in charitable organizations. He has also invested in Venture Capital Funds that include: eCompanies, Trident Capital, and Monitor Ventures. He owns a restaurant which is based in Santa Monica, California. He also owns a nightclub which is attached to that restaurant.

Moreover, Mr. Pulier is an investor who has actively invested in numerous seed level startups majoring in media and technology, with the vast majority going on to successful financings. Apart from being actively engaged in fathering four children, Mr. Pullier works for the board of The Painted Turtle. The Painted Turtle is a summer camp that supports children with chronic illness. Additionally, Eric Pullier is also among the board of innovators of the XPRIZE Foundation.

Mr. Eric Pulier is the Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of Service Mesh, Inc. He worked as the General Manager, and Vice President of Cloud at CSC Australia Pty. Ltd, and Computer Sciences Corporation. These two companies are involved in cloud delivery of Information Technology a service from both internal and external providers, substantially lowering cost, and increasing productivity. He participates in activities that heighten technology in fields of entertainment, education, and manufacturing.

In 1988, Mr. Pullier received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Harvard University. He is currently residing in Los Angeles, California, with his family.

The Life and Career of Adam Milstein

People destined to succeed in life are usually influenced at an early stage by their parents. Those children who follow the footsteps of their parents have a high likelihood of making in the future. This can be attributed from the fact that they will always be guided and will be warned of the mistakes that they should avoid. This is the case for Adam Milstein. To become the man he is today, Adam has followed the footsteps of his dad in many ways. Noticeably, he followed his father into the real estate industry where he has recorded a lot of success.

For instance, he is a managing partner at a company called the Hager Pacific Properties that specializes in real estate. At this company, Adam Milstein is charged with overseeing the accounting and financing of this firm. He is also responsible for disposition at the same firm.

Adam is married to Gila Milstein, and together they have three children. Their current residence is California. Gila Milstein moved into Israel from Morocco at the age of six and has had so much impact on the life of her husband. She is the idea behind the Adam and Gila Foundation that was established in the year 2001. This is a charity organization that focuses on helping the Israeli-American familiarize with the Jewish Culture.

Recently, Adam Milstein was recognized by the Jerusalem post as one of the most influential Jewish Leaders of today. While accepting this nomination, Adam mentioned the role and the impact that his wife has had on his life. Adam Milstein is involved with many Jewish organizations within the USA such as the Israeli-American Council, Birthright Israel, Hasbara Fellowship and Israel on Campus Coalition.

Adam Milstein was born in Haifa Israel 64 year ago. He joined the Israeli defense forces in the year 1971 to serve the mandatory service. He has fought in the war like his dad only that he fought in the Yom Kippur War while his father fought in the war for independence. He is a graduate of the Technion College with a degree in business and economics. Adam also holds an MBA from the University of Southern California.