Wengie Draw My Life Reveals Fascinating Look Into Youtube’s Rising Star

With 2.6 million plus YouTube followers, Australian sensation Wengie always gives us the honest truth.

That’s why we all adore her, so here is Wengie’s “Draw My Life” on a whiteboard:

Wengie was born January on 9, 1986, a sweet little girl who grew up to love ice cream. She was raised by her grandparents and a nanny for four years. Her parents were struggling financially and had moved to Australia.

When Wengie flew to meet her parents, she didn’t recognize them and begged her grandfather to take her back to China. What she did remember was the airplane and the vivid memory it made; Wengie swears she was playing with the clouds during her long flight.

Wengie settled into family life and kept busy with a lot of do-it-yourself toys. Being very creative and very shy, tom-boy Wengie made cool stuff and loved anime characters, robots and Ninja turtles.

The family later moved to Syndey, and in high school, Wengie became more confident and created an active social life, enjoying the arrival of the internet.

Wengie made her own websites to show off her anime characters and developed a crush on a boy with Nick Carter hair. Then, baby brother Jimmy was born.

Wengie’s parents wanted her to try for a scholarship in accounting. She won that and stayed in the field for four years but wasn’t happy. She then became a social media consultant, and her rising star took off.

Wengie also started her own fashion blog, and fans fell in love. On February 11, 2013, Wengie launched her famous YouTube channel. Life was super busy and a longtime relationship fell apart, but that’s okay.

Wengie met Max, fell in love and got engaged in August of 2015.

Wengie’s vlogging continues, thanks to all her loyal fans.

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