Why You Need to Use Securus

One of my good friends had gone to prison several years ago and it was very difficult for us to keep in touch with each other because of the way that communication is set up in prison. It wasn’t until after he got out of prison that I began to discover a system known as Securus. Securus is a top technology that is being used in prison systems all across the country and it basically enables you to video message with your loved one even if they are behind bars. This definitely closes the communication gap that you might have had in the past and it can definitely be something that benefits you both no matter where you happen to be.


You will also find it amazing to know that secures has one of variety of certifications and awards in the communication industry. Not only will this enable you to feel confident knowing you are using a technology that truly works, but you can also feel good that this is something that many other people have used with great success. This is something that you will definitely want to consider for yourself if you have been having issues keeping in touch with a loved one behind bars and do not know if there is any other technology out there that can do the same as Securus has done for so many.


I have personally used this technology in the past and will continually recommended to people of all types. Whether you are a prison family with someone behind bars for many years or you are just trying to keep in touch with someone who is in jail for a couple of months, this technology is exactly what you need and can totally change your life for the better.


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Don Ressler and Internet Trends

Don Ressler knows clothes. As a former employee of MySpace, Ressler also knows technology. When the two of these things come together it is possible for someone like Don Ressler to build a clothing website that can run laps around the competition. This is how he has invented a company like JustFab. That is also how he has helped build a company like Fabletics. There are a lot of people that are impressed with his success, and the customer base is growing in a major way.

This success is all a part of the heavy amount of exposure that his brands are getting. At one end he has Kate Hudson pushing forth the Fabletics brand on internetretailer.com. There is even a male brand of athletic clothing that is linked to FL2, a company that is run by Kate Hudson’s brother. That just goes to show that Don Ressler is thinking ahead. He is the one that recognizes the trends early. He gets involved with these trends and sees just how far he can take these business opportunities. FL2 is a spinoff of Fabletics. Fab Kids is a spinoff of JustFab. He sees opportunities to extend his success anytime that he builds a successful company. That is the thing that brings him a great return on investment. Don Ressler has been able to build a number of companies that have been doing well, and all of this is because he has been paying attention to what is happening in the world today.

He has went from watching the trends to actually bringing his own trends into play. Don has been able to make people take notice of the exciting subscription services that are available with his companies like Fabletics on Brandettes. People are very interested in this because they do not have to even go to the site anymore to shop on a regular basis. They can just get their monthly garments through the mail. This is a high level of convenience. People love to be able to get this type of personalized style through the subscription service. This is something that is very unique, and people are interested in how this company has made that a reality. Don Ressler created this trend, and now other companies are trying to duplicate this success. It is obvious that he is no longer the follower. Ressler has become the leader in the world of fashion and online e-commerce.

Read more: http://www.bloomberg.com/Research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=1434785&privcapId=37181322&previousCapId=37181322&previousTitle=Intelligent%20Beauty,%20Inc.

Erick Pulier’s Incredible Career

A successful career is not something that is very easy to realize. Neither is it something you can simply wake up one morning and experience. A successful career requires working smart and objectively. One of the individuals who are at the epitome of their careers is Erick Pulier. He is a popular technology expert with an impressive track record spanning 20 years. His works are recognized by corporations and the government at large.

Erick Pulier started his career as a technologist at a young age. By the time he was in high school, Pulier had already developed his own database company. Strengthened with the support from parents, he traversed the technological landscape, digging deeper to discover new ways of making life simpler through technology. He continued his technological escapade in Harvard University and MIT. He also worked as an editor in the university’s column known as The Harvard Crimson.

After graduating, Pulier founded People Doing Things, an entity that tackles health and education issues in Southern California through technology. He merged the company with US Interactive four years later. Since then, Pulier has managed several companies in different capacities. He was among the experts selected in the Presidential Inaugural Committee’s list to design a game-changing presidential exhibition in Washington DC. He was also chosen in Vice President Gore’s healthcare program the same year. Companies associated with Erick Pulier include Logic Library Inc., Media Platfrom Inc., Service Mesh Inc., Santa Monic Corporation and many others.

Pulier is also a popular contributor to charity organizations. He recognizes the need to uplift others economically and socially in order to make the society a better place to live in. He is a regular donor to Clinton Foundation. Erick Pulier also loves empowering others, especially the young generation, through public speaking at conferences around the globe. He is a role model to many people who are still struggling to build a strong foundation for their careers. He is an embodiment of hard work, brilliance and compassion. Pulier currently lives in Santa Monica, California. One can connect with him via his Facebook and Twitter pages.

Seattle Genetics Raises A Lot Of Money

Raising money in today’s business climate is important. Any business venture needs to have enough funds on hand in order to accomplish basic things like hire employees and fund company research. Thus, much to the delight of officials at Seattle Genetics, their latest round of fundraising exceeded expectations, with record growth. The apparent interest by investors in the company has helped make President and Chief Operating Officer Clay Siegall very happy as he foresees the company’s increasing ability to expand into new markets and develop their existing product line even further. He and his fellow company officials remain pleased at the fact that the latest funding round went off even better than they might have hoped.

An Innovative Leader

Siegall has been heavily involved in the bio-tech world for many years. He has been the president of Seattle Genetics for nearly two decades. Under his leadership, the company has been involved in the creation of many important products, allowing patients to benefit from the new and improved technological insights that he and his team of leaders are able to bring out. His work here has been closely focused on the creation of products that show great promise in the lab. It has been his life’s work to help show just how such new technologies can prove beneficial for all those who need access to them.

A Thorough Grounding

It is necessary to have a complete grounding in the field of biology in order to understand it well. Dr. Siegall knows this very well. He has an undergraduate degree in zoology from the University of Maryland. He also holds a doctorate in genetics from George Washington University. Such degrees have helped him understand exactly how genetics can provide a key to other sciences and offer the chance for immense growth at the same time. His work has also included several stints with various companies that are involved in genetics and biology research over the years. As he looks to the future, he is confident it will be one that means his company has a major part to play in advancing genetics research.

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Dr. Avi Weisfogel Addresses Sleep Apnea

Dr. Avi Weisfogel began exploring the world of sleep problems many years ago. He was originally trained as a dentist and had a successful dental practice for 15 years. He established it in 1999 but he noticed there was a recurring complaint from his dental patients. Many of them suffered from sleep problems which caused them serious distress. Even though Avi Weisfogel had been honored with the designation of Best Dentist for many years by his community he wanted to find more ways to help people. He opened up books and research journals and he learned everything he could about sleep disorders.

The leading sleep disorder that afflicts people is sleep apnea. It can have destructive effects and many medical professionals now recognize it as a threat to quality of life. Recent research shows that there is a strong correlation between reported sleep apnea and the incidence of strokes, diabetes, and other diseases such as heart disease. Avi recognized that there was an urgent need for treating sleep apnea wherever and however possible. Thus, he founded Dental Sleep Masters in 2014.

Dr. Weisfogel is leading the charge in the battle against sleep apnea. He wants every person who suffers from this illness to be properly diagnosed so they can get the car they need. He estimates that about 90% of sleep apnea sufferers don’t even know they have it. They may feel its difficult to sleep and wish they knew how to fix it but they don’t yet have a name for their problems. It’s a timely issue for these people to get the knowledge they need for proper treatment. Dr. Weisfogel has assembled a team of experts to start bringing help to these people.

Dental Sleep Masters has innovated a sleep care model. It can be taught to primary care physicians and secondary care physicians alike. People who work in certified sleep labs may also benefit from this knowledge. The models is a representation of sleep apnea and how it affects communities. When sleep experts adopt Avi Weisfogel’s model they will become more effective in taking care of their patients who suffer from these issues.

VTA Publications And Jim Hunt Inaugurate Wealth Wave, A Stock Market Strategy

Recently, Jim Hunt inaugurated Wealth Wave. It is a strategy Jim discovered where any person can gain from a falling stock market. Jim, who serves as VTA Publications advisor calls the strategy riding the wealth wave. That is because it is more like a surfer catching an ideal wave and riding it to the end.

He noted that it is all about timing. According to Jim Hunt’s Twitter, people do not realize that money does not get destroyed whenever the market crumbles. What happens is that the money is transferred to someone or somewhere else.

VTA offers clients cutting-edge information focusing on spread betting. Skilled and experienced experts teach individuals on ways of making money in the stock market. They also teach them on how to anticipate the right time to trade. Professionals like Jim offers to hold a client’s hand throughout the process via phone or email. For this reason, there is no need to worry if a client is dealing with the stock market for the first time. Through a series of DVD training videos as well as webinars, Wealth Wave clients learn how to profit from falling stocks.

Jim Hunt emphasizes that there is no reason for anyone to be intimidated from investing in a successful venture. They do not need to know all about the stock market for them to invest. The DVD instructions are easy. Additionally, Jim Hunt along with VTA provides unlimited handholding. They will also put ongoing resources at the disposal of a customer. Everything starts with showing individuals how the market operates.

Using tested signals especially when the money is reeling on the edge of the market as well as when it is about fall provides the key to profiting from the Wealth wave. History indicates that smart investors that utilize the secret method will become millionaires in 2016 and 2017.

About VTA Publications
VTA Publications Ltd is a Norfolk based non-fiction publisher. The company publishes distance learning courses. It also caters for specialist genres by organizing events. Created in 2012, the firm’s mission is to offer global customers information digitally through free articles as well as courses. This information that specializes on economics and finance is also provided physically. Additionally, the company also serves as a booking agent specializing on seminars along with events.

Wengie Draw My Life Reveals Fascinating Look Into Youtube’s Rising Star

With 2.6 million plus YouTube followers, Australian sensation Wengie always gives us the honest truth.

That’s why we all adore her, so here is Wengie’s “Draw My Life” on a whiteboard:

Wengie was born January on 9, 1986, a sweet little girl who grew up to love ice cream. She was raised by her grandparents and a nanny for four years. Her parents were struggling financially and had moved to Australia.

When Wengie flew to meet her parents, she didn’t recognize them and begged her grandfather to take her back to China. What she did remember was the airplane and the vivid memory it made; Wengie swears she was playing with the clouds during her long flight.

Wengie settled into family life and kept busy with a lot of do-it-yourself toys. Being very creative and very shy, tom-boy Wengie made cool stuff and loved anime characters, robots and Ninja turtles.

The family later moved to Syndey, and in high school, Wengie became more confident and created an active social life, enjoying the arrival of the internet.

Wengie made her own websites to show off her anime characters and developed a crush on a boy with Nick Carter hair. Then, baby brother Jimmy was born.

Wengie’s parents wanted her to try for a scholarship in accounting. She won that and stayed in the field for four years but wasn’t happy. She then became a social media consultant, and her rising star took off.

Wengie also started her own fashion blog, and fans fell in love. On February 11, 2013, Wengie launched her famous YouTube channel. Life was super busy and a longtime relationship fell apart, but that’s okay.

Wengie met Max, fell in love and got engaged in August of 2015.

Wengie’s vlogging continues, thanks to all her loyal fans.

Goettl Brings Relief To Plumbers

One thing that could be said for Goettl Air Conditioning is that they are some of the most efficient and reliable professionals in the industry of air conditioning. They have brought a lot of relief to people who are struggling with the extreme temperatures of the summer. One person in particular is Jean Jackson. She is living in a house that has air conditioners that are so old that replacing them is out of the question. This is because there are no air conditioners being made like this one anymore. Therefore, Jackson is faced with the possibility of living without a working air conditioner.

Another problem that Jackson is faced with is that the home needs to be rewired in order to accept the new air conditioner. Jackson’s problems are two-fold. To make things worse, she is living off of social security. She could not afford having the work done on her home so that she could get new air conditioners. As a result, she was faced with the possibility of spending the rest of her days in a home with inadequate air conditioner units. Summer heat in places like Las Vegas is actually dangerous for senior citizens. Fortunately, Goettl has provided a lot of help with that in order to make sure that the resident is able to get the air conditioning she needs. The sister company, The Sunny Plumber has fixed the water lines while Goettl has built a mini-split unit for cooling the home during the summer and heating it for the winter.

Goettl is one of the most innovative air conditioning companies for people to use. They have taken the time to make sure that every unit that they install is well matched to the home. For one thing, if the unit is not the right size, it will not only fail to cool the home, but it will cause a spike in energy prices. Goettl makes sure that the customers are able to avoid this. They also look after the community so that people who are less fortunate are able to survive.


Goettl Air Conditioning and The Sunny Plumber: Good Deed Brings Cool Relief

Dr Walden and Your Surgery

There are a lot of people you might want to look into when considering plastic surgery, but you may not know what to look for or why Dr. Jennifer Walden may be the best choice for you. The good news is there are a lot of reasons you may want to consider her for your surgery.

Working in the Industry a Long Time
Dr Walden is a very experienced doctor. She has been doing plastic surgery for her entire career. She started in New York, working with the famous as well as those everyday people who needed help. She recently moved back to Texas to be closer to her home and her family.

What Makes a Good Doctor?
There are a lot of things that make a good doctor. The biggest is of course their skill. They need to be good at what they do so you can have the best care possible. If they aren’t good at their job, they wouldn’t be doing it. Dr Walden is very good at her job and can make sure you will look your best.

Another thing that makes a great doctor is their people skills. This means they better be good with the people they are going to be working with. If they don’t make you as a client feel comfortable, then you won’t want to have your surgery with them.

There are a lot of things to consider when looking at a good plastic surgery Doctor. You need to make sure you find a doctor that will make you feel good about the surgery you are getting ready to have and that will make you want to get it done. You don’t need someone that will make you feel worse about yourself and won’t give you a good result.


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Securus Technology is Making Prisons Safer

Securus Technology, a company that is leading the way in innovations for the corrections industry, has made headlines recently for the positive effect the company’s software is having on the behavior of inmates around the country. Because Securus Technology is now a presence in over half of the correctional facilities in the United States, it has become relatively simple for data to be collected regarding the effects of the software implementation on the behavior of inmates in certain correctional facilities. According to several reputable research teams, the implementation of Securus Technology software in to a correctional facility can lead to a measurable change in the behavior of inmates.

The change in inmate behavior after Securus Technology is introduced to their facilities is said to be linked to the increased quality of life that Securus provides to the inmates. Because of new software like the inmate visitation system, inmates who are in facilities where Securus Technology has been utilized are experiencing a changed lifestyle, which has proved to be a positive occurrence for the prison system as a whole. Because of the change in inmate attitudes as a result of Securus Technology, inmate abuse has been reported low. Apparently, the improvement of the attitudes and outlooks of the inmates creates a more positive inmate experience, with low occurrences of gang activity or other negative instances that are usually frequent in prisons.

Since the data collected from the research team showed the improved safety of the prison facilities associated with Securus Technology, the company has been mentioned in several major news outlets. A spokesman for the prison technology company stated that the founders of Securus Technology are very pleased that the implementation of their software programs is making a difference in the lives of inmates and in the prison system as a whole.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.